Mari Cha model?

Is anybody out there doing or considering doing a one off or one design production version of Mari Cha?

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

My dear friend lorsail!
All the Mari Chas are a big beautiful yachts. In case of number IV I am happy to see Philippe Briand involved in the design team. Briand worked for some time at Pelle Pettersson’s design office. In about 1981-1982 Briand designed the half-tonner Freelance wich won the title in about 1983 in Norway. Pelle Pettersson was in Norway as well with his own design Queen of Sheeba, but placed about 10th. Briand had gone for a dinghy-like creation with comparatively small sail area, while Pettersson for big sail area and a lot of fore-trim (heavy on the nose trim). Obviously Briand had gone in the right design direction. Pettersson is at the moment designing a 2.4mr based on his successful 6-metre designs.