hi guys
was just wondering. if anybody heard anything about the move to use a shorter fin on the marbleheads. i heard that they were thinking about going to a IOM style fin… MY marblehead is getting near the point of joining the fin. should i make it long or shorter?:graduate:

I believe that motion was defeated at the AMYA election last year or so because it would have split the M class into a “USA short fin class” and the rest of the world.

It depends upon your sailing conditions and objectives.

If you want to be competitve, you will need to go to max length. However, if you sail in water with limited depth, then you need one that will not run aground.

If you have want the best of both worlds, why not set your boat up with a fin box and a removable fin (as in IOM), and have several fins of different lenghts. Having a removable fin will also help transportation.

sort of what i had planned when i heard that . this might be happening. why build a long fin . only to have to boat out of specs. I will be trying to race this thing. ( have no clue as to how i am going to do. this is my first)

but you say it is defeated. is that just in the us or world wide?

cheer and strong winds to everybody:zbeer:

You probably already have this, but if not, the latest class rules and updates and interpretations are available at

Scroll down to the Marblehead section.

There is only one rule - world wide- as it is an international class.

There is a modified version of the M class for traditional Ms.


It was a US motion - not a worldwide thing. Even if it had passed in the US, it would not have altered the class rules except within the US. Thus we would have needed two configurations if we ever wanted to compete abroad.

So I did not support it.

That said - I think it was a very sensible motion, and if it had been an international motion, I would have supported it in a heartbeat.

I have one fin, near maximum depth, and a deep pond. As you well know, the deeper the fin, the more righting moment, but expect problems off wind in a blow.

Personally, I like the look of the proposed near-vintage rules (70s and 80s Marbleheads). They were great all round boats.