marbleheads grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

ok . i have just made a leap.
,y wife not knowing what to get me for Xmas has decided that i need a set of drawings. and i have enough IOMs and us 1 meters to last me. so I am going into a new class. a class i know nothing about. the marblehead. now with that being said. i have been looking for information. pictures. even ideas. on what i am getting myself into. after 2 weeks now. i have a total of 20 pictures. and most of that came from a new friend who built a boat. he loves it. fast as all get out. and can pivot on a dime. but so far monarch IS THE ONLY BOAT IN THAT CLASS. now i have seen different boats in the magazines. so i know there has to be atleast pictures out there. i am going to make it my mission to see if i cant get this class going agian. i dont know what happend to it.
as i cant get any information. even from the class sectary. i have emailed him. and no response.
can anybody send me to a webpage that has pictures?

Scalpel :devil3:

Cougar -

I am going to PM you with Stan Goodwin’s email and phone number. If you won’t spend the money to join AMYA, at least drop a dime and call and talk to the guy. You might pose some of your questions to him as he is the class secretary and authors a class news update for each issue of Model Yachting.

I’m not defending Stan - only pointing out that there are priorities in everyone of our lives and perhaps he has a few higher ones on his personal list. He is in Louisiana which is “central time zone” - I believe you are an hour different. May want to coordinate your time for calling with that in mind.

A possible News Year’s Resolution for 2008 - Join the AMYA and the M Class if you are serious?

The Uk model yachting site

Has a race results section with some pictures of Ms at various regattas.

For example

Cougar - to answer part of your question/complaint:

Was out in San Diego about 8 years ago for an M event. 'Took a knife (a Venom) to a gun fight (ten Skalpels). Watching the Skalpel Skippers waddle the length of the pond while wearing those up to the shoulder hip boots was hilarious. I would like to see [xxxxx] go the nine yards: a minimum weight, jibs tacked to the deck centerline like real boats, FG only and seaworth decks (Like an IOM, but without the bullshit/pissy rules). Funny. Ten years ago we had M’s and S/B’s in [large US city]. One day a guy shows up with only his head sticking up from the rubber pants and a Skalpel – 6 or 7 guys said “Screw it, I’m outta here.” A week or three later a guy shows up with his $1,000.00 Super Custom Made swing rig – And, the rest of the entire fleet said “Screw it, we’re all out of here.” (True story.)

The above provided by a close personal friend relating why the M Class had issues. Perhaps in your efforts to take on this class, a history lesson may be helpful - so you know what you are stepping into.

ONLY my personal suggestion - of course…

The Vintage Marblehead (VM) group is alive and well. National regatta next Sep in Spring Lake NJ. Very close racing, designs pre-1970 although Stan Goodwin is getting a movement afoot to have 1970-1980 boats compete. Plus they are pretty.



to all that have posted here.
THANK YOU. it shows there are some interest here. even those links are helpfull. i have always said that if there are people willing to help other people . this could be a better place.
dick. thanks for that little story. i have heard others just like it. one week a guy shows up with a ( tech term here…“wissbang”) and people laughed at it. the boat took off and 3 weeks later there was 7 boats with the “wissbang” and if you could not afford the “wissbang” you just could not compete… but this is where i think i can live? i am not saying i am going to be the next great skipper. ( we all know that is not going to happen) but like the IOM class. you do not have to have a ts-2 to win. it helps. but now you dont have to have it.
i think the same thing can be said about the marbleheads. we get a couple of people to look at it. and i meen REALY look at it. find what makes it tick. and we can do it without the “wissbang”.

i so far have found this

that walicki is a great site. some real good pictures there. i noticed one thing about the boats. they have a very shallow rocker panel. I wonder it that is the reason they are fast. the IOMs looks to have a deeper hull
also noticed how long the fin is. that could make up for the shallow rocker panel.
see what pictures do? :smiley:
cant wait to get my drawings hehehehehehehehh:p
:zbeer: to all for some real good sites

M world pictures:

Dario is very helpful, and responds quickly to emails, taking time zones into account.

the lines and some construction notes for his newest M design are available for 150AUD

explore the website, there is a lot of useful information accompanied by many pictures

Are you trying to build a competitive boat or just a Marblehead that you have fun building and sailing?

some good info there

like most of my boats. first i build to have fun. right now. you know more about marblehead than i do. for me to compete right off the bat , is just pure stupidity. but in about a year or 2. i will feel comfortable in the class to say. “lets do it” i did the same when i was sailing us 1 meter, and IOMs. the next step is into the marblehead. i will be happy to see it float. then go forward and left and right… then after a few days. i will put in into a race and see how i do.
this is why i try and get information. right now. after reading the spec? i cant find an answer to a simple boom question. i want to make a main sail. how long is the boom? some how i get 100mm. but that is just nuts. a 4 inch boom? not in any picture i have seen. so i need to find out what i can and cannot do

From my reading of the M rules, there is no limit on the length of the boom. It is the foot of the sail that is measured. So make your sail, then make the boom to be long enough to fit the main.

Here is my thought process, which I admit is a little eschewed because the only strong classes in my area are CR-914 and ODOM. I build for fun, and then sail for fun and while the competitive thought doesn’t really enter my head, I see that building a “light” boat (or something that is strictly compliant with the rules and the desires of performance) reflects directly on my building skill. I am on my 2nd USOM hull, the first never got sailing before an accident that demolished it, but the new one is significantly lighter than the old and I have used the same construction methods thus far. It’s just learning how little you can get away with. Well once my USOM is complete and my TP52 is a little farther along, I am thinking about building an “M” myself, I was thinking about buying the plans from AMYA for the Bone. Don’t know anything about it, but they are the only “M” plans that I have found for sale. As for my knowledge of the class it is slim, not much more than the fact that you cofrom what I have read, you need a skalpel to be competitive. Which bothers me none because there is not a strong “M” class following here.

i think this is where we get a start. YOU have some building knowledge and as such . you can scratch build. i too looked at bone. but i never heard anything about it. so i went looking to see what i could find. you know traplet and sails ect has plans for marbleheads. but i am sure there are others. Just between the 2 of us. we have located a 3rd place now. if we talk to more people. who knows what can happen. as for a skalpel. why do you need one to be comeptetive. IF you are the only one in the area that has one? i bet you will be the fastest. this class has got me alittle confused. in canada there are 259 regesterd marbleheads, yet only 64 are active. i wonder if it is the same thing in your area. alot of people have mableheads in the closet. just not a chance to bring it out.
if you need any help. just ask. i will do the same when the time comes

That’s actually a good suggestion. Cougar, if you just want to build a Marblehead to have fun and sail around, a Vintage is the way to go, probably the only way.
The RipTide sure is a beautiful boat.