Marblehead regatta in ballarat

i folks just wanting to see who is interested in our regatta in ballarat first weekend of october 3rd\4th i will list more infomation on my website as it come to light

Hi Good to see some more action, moving forward.I have asked around and spread the news, so far only two of us from South Australia but as it gets closer maybe more. The two from here will bring a coule of boats. Hav,nt booked any accomodation as yet but will soon.

thats cool coorong all systems are on track at the moment bouy’s are floating well :slight_smile: i’m making a audio cd for starting cd just a little easier than tape and very easy to rewind [:D] hopfully steve can drag a couple of sydney siders down with him and we can get some up from melbourne or where ever anyone wants to come from i don’t mind if somone wants to come from the usa or england all welcome

By the way guys, now that we have found a good lake (about 150M accross), we have found a caravan park that is accross the road. The back fence is anyway.

For those interested the name is the Goldfields holiday park. Their web address is

There is also a hotel down the road, although a little expensive for me, that also has a resturant and pokies.
Doherty Ballarat Lodge

and by the way… Dennis got the dates wrong. it should read 1st & 2nd of October

Cheers, Neil.

If you think it can’t be done, Move over and let those who are doing it show you the way…

where are ya steve i have’nt herd for you in a while ??? no more marble items for the site ???

Hi Well, the South Australian traveling party is now up to four with six boats…where is Steve, or any of the others?

well we have a few more in our club now and still more to come so this is looking good neil is hoping to have two boats there i’m hoping to have my marblehead skiff built by then (not hold my breath)

The Eureka Model Yaucht Club should be fully revived by then as well.

We believe it shut down sometime in '92, so we decided to revive it and keep the original club name, and also revived some of the old members.

It’s amazing what you can drag out of the woodwork if you dig deep enough.

Now all we need is someone who can teach us how to sail and maybe explain the rules :slight_smile:

Cheers, Neil

If you think it can’t be done, Move over and let those who are doing it show you the way…

Hi Great to see the club building, can Div please email me, I have another contact for you.

Hi gang I have been having computer troubles. I had to get a new one in the end.So I went for the bells and whistles one.

Are we still having and old Marbleheads regatta? With somebody building a new! boat , kinda unsettles things. I was going to bring an Epic, to try out but if we are building NEW?? So what is the score?? Is it a Eureka revival or a Old Marblehead regatta?

Hi I am building/ restoring a new boat as well, thanks to steve. I hope to have the china boy up and sailing for the Ballarat weekend so look out.
I am hoping my car will carry the fleet…one carbon fibre “new boat”, an old “float a boat” and the china boy, as well as a ceck chair and a large thermos for tea and lots of good discussion.

i too held my first ever reggata 2 years ago. the best thing i did was to have my laptop. you dont need this. as you can do it with paper. but i found out that people wnat to know thier postition real quick. and with pencil and paper it takes a bit.
if you run into problems just tell your sailors that this is your first reggata and if they would like to do it. go right ahead. basicly that is what i did. and i made alot of mistakes. but i had my friends around. or yeah by the way. if you wanna make some money for the awards. get a cooler and a case of pop with ice. think about it. 10 sailors, 5 hours, need drink, you supply 2 cases of pop. charge $1 a can, and that is $24 /case.
basicly that is what i did. land i had to send the wife out for a third case around 2 pm. did not sell that whole case but took some for me to drink. and took my close friends back home after for dinner and to finsh the case
good luck

long live the cup and cris dickson

Seagull, how is the water situation down in Ballarat? Our shipmates in other places in the World may not know that Australia is in its eigth year of a drought. Just wondering if we might have a Old Marbleheads ‘Alice Springs’ type regatta?

steve the pond is looking real good for the event where we are sailing lake esmond has lots of water around 30 meters under the keel sail right to the edge and can fit around 60 or 70 yachts with out to much trouble we hoping to see somone with your knowlage of history there

hi couger

yeah i lke the idea of the drinks and prolly will do somthing like that by the way chris dickson is a good friend of mine and sails in our club hehe not the chris dickson tho [:D]

Sorry guys, been a bit busy lately, but all is well…

Steve, the water content of this lake is not a problem, in fact the only thing we have to worry about is an old steam shovel that was in the clay pit when it was flooded. At present it is still completely under water but the old sailors tell us that the shovel arm becomes exposed when the water level drops extremely low.
Dennis and chris managed to hit it with an oar from our canoe which would put it about 3 feet below the surface at present. However we can arrange the course to avoid this thing anyway, it isn’t in the middle of the lake so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Lake Esmond has a playground for the kids, BBQ, and a fair size park area around it, the only thing it is missing is toilets and shelter but we are working on this. At this stage we have put a small entry fee on participation to cover the cost of a portable loo and we are working on a shelter of some sort, maybe a small canopy or something just in case of rain.

Everything else seems to be falling into place, so welcome one and all.

On a different note, one of the old club members has lent me a “blank” unbuilt Maltese Falcon hull so preparation is under way now to make a mould. This should make things easier to get newcommers up and running if they want to build a “NEW OLD” yacht to learn on. I will let you know when production is under way.

Cheers, Neil

If you think it can’t be done, Move over and let those who are doing it show you the way…

hi guy’s just a bit more info on what div posted
the steam shovel is off to one side of the lake and has a maker on it we also sail on the other side wich is a good 100 meters from itso there is no reason to hit this thing i will be marking it on the coarse chart so that all sailors are aware of it
Cheers Dennis

Seagull is there any steam still in the steam shovel?

sorry steve penty of water but the fire box is cold hehe has been for a long time i don’t think they have found a way to keep the fire box going under water i have a mate that is a diver is going to take some picture of it for me

hey seagull I reckon if you can get that steam shovel to work , I’ve got a buyer