Marblehead Main/Jib sheeting angle

I’ve installed a new winch in my Mhd.
I was curious if anyone knew, as a rule of thumb where the marblehead sails should be set at in terms of angle when close hauled.

I.E. A Jib that is set at 5 degrees off centerline will backwind a main of the same angle. So, obviously the jib “boom” needs to be more.


This should help

That does the trick!

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for, and a little more.

Hey Breakwater,

Is that a picture of your M? That looks like Redd’s Pond…

Is your M and Archer?

EC12 #84

Hi Chuck

Good eye, yes that is Redds. I have that M, which is old & non-competitive. Sail numbers M-2333. It was build by Bob’s boat-yard in the (early '80’s?) It has an extremely wide beam of about 10 inches! In full A rig, she’s fast in a consistent wind, but has incredible wave drag if the water is choppy.

Here’s a bit of video of her sailing:

I also have an EC-12 Sail # 1343.

Also building a slightly more competitive M- class. It’s a Cumulus from Graham Bantock (yes, not the most competitive availible) but I chose it because it will be faster, but not “blow away” my older M for family-racing.

Check out the build here:

I love marblehead. I go there every year for the marblehead junior race week in July (I raced laser radials in 07 and 06). I am going to have to stop by and check out the rc sailing action.

Well, it looks like we are on similar paths…

Even though my M is old, I still keep her in sailing condition. I still like to sail her when I can. I would like to go to the Nationals in Sturbridge this year just for the heck of it. You might also be interested to know that the VMYG is working to create a new class of M which would include yours M2333 and mine M2555. It would be great to see this segment of this class make a come back.

If you have an EC12, you should know that there are three more events on the EC12 calendar this year in New England. I just came from a meeting at Mystic Seaport for this years Mystic Race Week in August. Also, we have the R1 Championships in Newport this May 3rd and 4th at FT Adams. Great venue. The NOR is already posted on the EC12 site. And last but not least is an event in Deep River CT in November. You should come.

I have a J hull in the barn (RANGER) that might get put together this spring for the Nationals at Mystic. She is 8.5 feet LOA and I am going for max rig height of 10’ off the deck.

SO much to do.


I did read or hear something about the older M boats working to segregate the fleet. It’s not even remotely the same boat when you sail against these skalpels & etc. It would be very nice to see, as there are many out there, just collecting years in people’s personal fleets, and not seeing much water. I’m sure they’d be great fun to match up on an equal playing field.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that my EC-12 is class legal either :mad: She’s an old Hickman hull #0121 I should speak with Rick West to see if it can be entered. Luckily, there are several EC-12 capn’s in the general Marblehead area if she’s a lost-soul as well. I’d love to race that boat if I could, It’s so graceful. If it can be raced, I just may be there.

This year the CR914 nationals are in M-head. I’m really looking forward to that. I can’t wait to see all the confounded skippers try to figure out the swirling winds on Redds, and watch the locals cruise :zbeer:


I think I’ll start a new thread on the proposed 1970 - 1980 M sub class. Personally, I think it is a cool idea, and as not all North American readers in this forum are AMYA members, there will be many here who are unaware of the initiative.

Thanks Muzza,

I have also started a yahoo discussion group for the M class a few months ago. If you go to the following link, you can join up.

I think not having what was one of the most popular classes sitting gathering dust is a great idea. It would be interesting to see how many of these boats are still around and sailing.