marblehead conversion

hi has anyone converted a marblehead to a tri ?? the boat i want to convert is a cumulus

If I remember well Peter Birch has few “old” M’s converted into tris.
I am sure Dick will have more info…

Try searching in the archives

Hi Seagull …

Here is a bit of contact info for you. Not sure how close they are to you, but they have a reasonably active club in Queensland.

Queensland R/C Multihull Owners Association
[COLOR=black]Ms. [FONT=‘Lucida Sans’]Kylie Vale…Publicity Officer[/FONT][/COLOR]

or the most recent secretary and sometimes contributor to this forum - Peter Birch who you should be able to reach at: mailto:lwsharpie[at]

sorry - all the links I had seem to be dead or no longer commissioned.

Sorry about previous - everything is dead links that I had. Here is new stuff - but again, mostly from Queensland area.

thanks for the info guys this is going to be a learning curve

i have learnt so much in the last few days about tri’s

under multi…lots of multi links