Marblehead boat plans...

Hello fellow members,

I am currently looking for boat plans for the Marblehead 50/800 model yacht… If anyone knows where to purchase them, I would gladly appreciate any help!


Have a look here:


Recently several plans of RC boats developped in the last 7 years are available and can be downloaded for free from :
among the 33 plans, in the Class M you can get :
Studio 2 , Studio 3 , proved to be very fast and competitive boats during racing .
Fuxia-M is the most recent design that I intend to build soon.

Go with the Monarch plans. I have a set and they are very detailed.

Gotta love the Marblehead class. Personally I still think it’s the best sailing class boat out there.

Thank you for all of your replies!
I’ve been wanting a set of these plans, for quite a long time now!!!
I’m so excited to buy them!

Thanks again!!