malware removal

anyone know how to remove cyberlog x, worms and other malware?

Hi Nigel

I’d check out adaware, spybot and perhaps look at running AVG anti virus on an ongoing basis if I were you. All those programs are open source and brilliant in my humble opinion. you need to be really careful when searching for and installing anti spyware products because the nefarious types have realised often the best way to infect people is to make fake/dodgy spyware products that are in fact spyware - sneaky!

UPDATE - i just did a bit more research on that cyberlog x (yes yes i know that marks me down as a genuine geek!) and its looks like you’re in for a nightmare to try and remove it. This page gives a good overview

think the secret might be to search for the files its talking about on that page and delete them yourself when you are NOT connected to the internet. another approach might be to use the tool they are mentioning on the page above ( but i haven’t used or tested it so can’t vouch for it. if possible try and disconnect the infected computer as soon as possible (cyberlog x is probably downloading more nasties whenever you’re online) and use another computer to do some research and download some tools before waging war on it!

good luck


Thanks man.

Was in the registry manually looking for buggars. Anything that looked suspicious, I typed into search engines, and got back the kind of viruses they were.

Found 7 in total and removed them. Then used one of the links you suggested, and got the rest.

Again, thanks.


I use and fully recommend everything that tim has suggested.

A great and very safe source for programs is

I also use this program when a turd hits the fan… Hijackthis

And then Cut and Paste to this site

Please read all the warning etc, this program can help you screw up your CPU really fast if you do something stupid but it’s also bailed me out of some nasty stuff in the past… HJT finds stuff that nothing else will, systems run much faster after removing all the junk…