Making sails

hey all
the old man wants to learn how to make new sails for his 10r, he’s got a heap of drafting film but doesn’t know much about makin the sails so can any of you help us please

The site is in Dutch, but the photo’s do a better job of translating than babelfish.

We had a great thread on this subject a fw months ago - many pages long but well worth reading. Just search this forum.

play a visit in this Forum under the tread " Sailmaking" the largest so far, where I had also presented a simple Tool to assemble the panels,;

or visit this French Forum where the IOM French champion is describing how is making the sails:
Good readings


I used this book to make sail blocks and sails. Had to read a few pages over and over (the block jig) yet the sails came out good (surprized myself)… my first attempt.

Started here:… then to here:

Price was $18 last year, and is creeping up.