Making parts with recycled plastic

In the under-developed parts of the world they use recycled plastc (like yogurt cups) to make things like artificial legs (unfortunately.) There wasn’t much detail, but it was mentioned that the plastic was melted with a solvent and poured into a mold to harden.

Is there any more information about it? It which solvent? seems like a good way for homebuilders to make their own parts ( like rudder blades & mounts, keel parts, sailwinch arms, deck parts etc.) from cheap or free raw materials.



Recycling is great, and a cheap way to get started with our hobby. I like to recycle old windsurfing parts bike spokes even go to the local Outdoor adventure store and scored some tent pole which I am going to try for a mast.
So I agree with you we should try to recycle, but I would question the use of solvents to disolve something, would this really help the envioment as much as using the yogurt container to mix your resins?


It depends on what the solvent is, and how much is needed.

IMO, the environmental thing is too much overplayed. Every little bit would probably help improve the situation, but the biggest culprits of environmental degredation need to be fixed first (like cars and :mad: coal-fired power plants.)

but keep in mind the little bits too :slight_smile: