Making an asymmetric spinnaker

Hi all,

I am currently building a model skiff that I have designed and now need to make a kite for it; does anyone have any ideas of panel shapes that I need to use or even better some pics/templates they could show me?

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Try sailcut CAD free software

They have a spinnaker version 6. You can play with the shape and it will print panels.


do you have pics of this skiff?

thnks for that, will have a play around with sailcut. The model is of a modern 6ft skiff; I was planning on building it but due to a lack of cash have gone for a model instead. The hull is not quite finished yet but will try and take some pics at some point, should have the main cut and spars painted by the end of the week. May well decide to make it rc in the end by just wounting the servos etc on deck and making a keel to replace daggerboard.

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Depending on what part of the World you live, the Belmont 16 footers here in NSW, Australia have an awesome 16footer Model as the centrepiece in there main foyer. It looks like a 1 : 5 or 6 scale.

The state of the art of spinnakers during the free sailing era can be found at:

FWIW, I’ve had good success with both the “flattie” and the “Jimmie Durante,” less so with the balloon.