mainsheet travelers

does anyone have a link to a supplier of mainsheet travelers that are used on the ac class boats? i can`t seem to fine any info on them anywhere. thanks.

Hi John -

try Dean Derusha who runs Model Marine Corporation. Link is below. He provides working and scale hardware for those of us building to the 1/10 scale class. Most, if not all is Harken, so it will look good as well as work. Let him know what class boat and what width traveller. He will probably also be able to set you up with a car as well. You will need to engineer the servos to control, but he might have that info too.


PS - be sure to let him know how you found him. We need more guys like him to support this hobby/sport. Nice guy and willing to help work out problems.

great thanks ! just what i was looking for.

For the AMYA AC class boats (1/12 scale) most people use the smallest full scale Harken traveler car and track - Micro CB, model 2703. Google for a source, not cheap.