Mainsail to mast fastening methods

Sorry if this is covered in another subjuct but i couldn’t find it.

I’m at the final stages of building a “marblehead like” rc and have come to a bit of a stop wondering which is the best way to fasten my main to the mast. i have a 10mm round alum mast and am guessing the best way is to space out loosely tied loops every 3 inches or so up the luff but would love to hear other methods and aslo curious about anyone having tried to make a track/boltrope system and any advantages this may contain.
any help and feedback greatly appreciated

Sodium-on my boats the main is reefable so it has to be attached in an easily movable manner. The luff is made with a folded over pocket and 5/8" notches are cut 1/8" deep every 7"(approximately). A wire is run down the luff and attached to top of the mast or to a rotating “wing tip”. The wire has a loop in it at the position of the reef and a spectra line is attached from that point down.
Double sided 3/8" velcro(or 1/2") is used to form a removable loop that goes around the mast and behind the wire in the luff. This allows the sail to rotate from windward to leeward with each tack and be easily lowered for reefing…
Check for Lester Gilbert’s site and for the US One Meter site which may have information on other methods. I believe Lester has a section on the tests made on IOM’s regarding having a specific gap between the back of the mast and luff of the sail(5mm ,I think) as a possible way to reduce drag.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

The luff wiure method works on just about any mast. You just need a hollowluff to run a wire through. However I once used the (clear) medical tape to tape short piece of small tubing to the luff about every 4 inches or so, then some to the mast and a wire like a hinge pin.

Another method of sail to mast attachment: [ SMjackline.jpg]( lemke/200431816550_SMjackline.jpg)

Works best with wood masts - but the pins holding the wire to the trailing edge of mast could be used in carbon or aluminum mast blanks if desired. Just eliminate cutting the groove for the sail luff.

I like using Luff Tubes, You can use a big wide tube which helps smooth out the airflow behind the mast. Probally not very good for what you want though, best for una rigs on a stiff mast…

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Check out the Sails etc. or Great Basin websites. The systems put together by Graham Bantock pretty much reflect what most active sailors currently use. Most important check out what the guys near you are doing. The information here often doesn’t reflect best current or local practices.

I put repair tape onto the sail about every 6-7" then put eyelets through this tape. This makes holes in the sail, you then attach it to the mast using cable ties.


Cable ties is a bit much, no? I mean in termsof friction.

I use a grooved mast. And I connect my mainsail to my mast with small pieces of white ABS-tube. It’s a very flexible connection. Just incise one half of the tube and connect it with one drop of super-glue.


Check the photo

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some interesting stuff for big boats applicable to rc boats as well

Alternately, you could try rotating the mast to reduce that area…


just to let people know how i went with this -
i decided to go with dougs velcro idea but changed it somewhat, i got adhisive “hook” velcro and cut 10mm squares out of it and stuck directly to the sail on both sides of the luff no reinforcing no boltrope/luffchord. Then i got 10mm x approx 60mm non adhisive (sew on) “loop” velcro this sticks to one side of the sail goes around the mast and onto the oposing side. Works very well quick on and off and very quick to build not needing any reinforcing or bolt rope etc.