Machinable plastic

Anyone know of a source of machinable plastic approximately 1 inch thick by 6 to 9 inches wide at a reasonable cost.



Hey John,

You might find what you are looking for at They sell a variety of plastics from UHMW sheets (cheap) to Teflon (not cheap).


Hi John -

Here is a link to a place of recycled and material “scraps”. LOT’S of stuff that make you want to buy and do “something” with it - but not sure what. Only issue is they have a $15.00 minimum order ( you can combine all products for minimum) and stock/inventory changes frequently.

Take a look - I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for, but if they don’t have it, you probably will find something else. I bought a bunch of rubber matting for our horse stalls (nothing too good for my daughter’s champion Arabian mare) and figured it cost me about 1/3 of what I could find retail.

Good luck - and keep checking the inventory - they have stuff I’ve never heard of.

Cheers and good hunting - Dick

John, you can also try

Be advised that sharp tools work best when you machine plastics. If your tool is dull it will impart surface tension to the plastic and can cause the material to move or warp.

You are probably talking about Delrin or acetel (generic). It machines really well, but is not cheap. Best bet is to buy scrap or drops to save $$. My local supplier is and they have a nice scrap selection that get sold by the lb. You can call them and see what they have. They also ship kevlar, carbon, and resins. I am not affiliated with them other than using them as a supplier.