Event though the new multi hulls looks awsome and goes super fast, I think i still prefer the mono way of doing it. What a shame with the small hole in the boat, lucky nobody got hurt…



Apparently they were worried about using the running backs after the damage to the hull near their attachment point

Surprised to see Nomex honeycomb in the Kiwi boat… We used Alloy honeycomb as its more rigid. (but a PITA to use)

If the repair is done correctly, a hole that size will have no real structural impact.
The measurers pepper the hull with holes when they check the yacht conforms to the rules… Then, we have to go back and repair all the bloody holes in our nice new boat!

Always a shame to hole any boat…


Last day of AC monohulls today in Dubai …take a look at sailing from the best seat in the house (this makes your rooster crow)

Hi Alan, Congratulations on New Zealand winning the LV cup in Dubai by beating BMW Oracle. Saw it on their site last night and enjoyed some great sailing.
I also love those big square head main sails which you do not like. I hope you change your mind. Regards

Hi Norman … ETNZ did real good, I’m so happy for the team, great bunch of guys ! they deserved the win …

Well that’s end of a memorable era … that will continue with IACC 120 :slight_smile:

hey I love the big head main Norm, just could not figure out a way to make it work on my 120, but Jim & Matthias have given me some hope so my new ETNZ hull will be sporting BH main sail. My other training boat (TEAMORIGIN Jaguar GBR 75) will be using the narrow head main, so I will compare the best of both worlds.

Cheers & back to the party :zbeer: :party:

Congratulations Kiwies! They are always the best sailors in the world! The two final regattas have been wonderful: we have to remember this kind of sail and emotions because we will have to wait some year before to see again this…
I will be supporter of Kiwies on 34a AC, because, I’m sure, if they will win they will change this creazy multihull rule, bringing back the tradition of AC to the monohull-match race boats.



Good luck wanting the Kiwi’s to win, first they have to find the cash to enter!


Nice choice on the ‘b’ boat. GBR 75 is one of my “babies” as well - I was the only British boat builder for T.O. from Sept 2007 - April 2008.

Hello guys,

I must say, the more I read and see the more I am disgusted with the new format…not only is it way outside “the box”, its so ridiculously expensive…All the time that BMW was bitching about Alinghi and what are they doing now??? Crazy…Money talks, bulls…t walks…I guess.

It just takes the beauty and finesse away from the sport and the fairness away from the game.

BTW, I am American!

“absolute power, corrupts absolutely”…

Hi Matt, Team New Zealand’s ability to front up will also depend on whether Emirates will sign on again as the team’s major sponsor, but no one will know that until Dalton has played his cards, and he is a hell of poker player.

Winning the LVT in Dubai against BMWO has put ETNZ in strong position on the AC 34 negotiating table, knowing Dalton he will play this very close to his chest & be milking every opportunity …already he’s fired the first shot into the press with one his famous one-off the cuff comments…

“If [Team New Zealand] doesn’t do this one, the brand will wither,” says Dalton. “Maybe someone else will come along, but if we fail this time, the campaign will fail.”

@ Jim, got bit of soft spot for T.O GBR 75, their AC campaign turned into bit a hard luck story …not enough Brits in the team mate !