Looks like new life is coming to the Soling 1 Meters

Just wanted to share the news that the Soling 1 Meter group has a new leader
"G. Tim Stone " who is making headway into developing a new source for these very popular boats since Victor Models closed their doors.
I am re-posting the information below to share the current status of his efforts. I have two Victor boats in my fleet a 1 Meter and a V 32. I treasure them both. Great boats to race or just sail for the pure joy of it! Boomer

S1m sailboat update

December 9, 2019
Soling One Meter New Boat update

Hello, Soling 1 Meter enthusiasts

If you have nor already heard I am the Newly elected Class Secretary, Formally taking over from Frank Vella on January 1st. My Name is Tim Stone and I have racing S1M boats since 2004 in Stowe Vermont. I also compete in the EC12 & J Class.

As I stated earlier, as your new call secretary I will do my best to communicate with the S1M community and keep people updated at a crucial time for the Class.

Our plan calls for the finished boat to conform to the present Class Rules and will not be updated for the purpose of improved performance. A goal is to improve the interior of the hull for strength and build ability, simplify the Keel and Rudder installation, reduce kit part count, improve reliability and reduce craftsman skills needed. For example, a One-Piece molded Keel shell and Rudder are being looked at. There is also some attention being given to parts for existing boats, with the goal of manufactured parts remaining compatible with existing boats. The manual will be completely redone, incorporating many of the build notes that clubs have published.

At this time, we have discussed offering short kits first, then complete parts kits, and finally a ready-to-race complete build for the sailor who doesn’t want to build their own boat.

I am happy to announce we are now working with a new manufacturer. He has been provided a S1M kit which is being used to build a Prototype. New molds for the Hull, Deck, Rudder Keel and other parts are under way. The company has extensive experience in vacuum forming and injection molding model boats. All molds shall be owned by the Class.

Also, we will be monitoring the thoughts and comments of purchasers to keep on top of any potential issues and make quick and effective corrections. Your feedback and comments will be read and considered for revisions that comply with the class rules and improve the kit, manual, and completed boats.

We have a Build Committee that includes several very experienced builders. They have provided their critiques of the current kit and are going to review any proposed changes before implementation. This should help ensure that we make this update a better kit and maintain the current performance we all have enjoyed.

I look forward tom receiving feedback and comments as this process moves along.

G. Tim Stone

S1M Class Secretary Elect

Stowe Yacht Club . # 159
CELL (802) 373-0638

In response to a number of question regarding who will own the molds and tooling for the new production of the Soling 1 Meters - I am posting Tim’s response to the question.

I have stated this several times, Yes the Class will Own the Molds moving forward. The manufacturer is aware of this requirement.

G. Tim Stone S1M Class Secretary

117 Old Stage Rd.
Essex Jct., VT. 05452
CELL (802) 373-0638

Update on the status of the new Soling 1 Meter boats.

Report from the class secretary on the status of the new Soling 1 meter boats.

Soling One Meter Replacement Update

By Tim Stone, September 5, 2020


I will continue to wish everyone to be well and safe in 2020. Unfortunately, the National Championship Regatta scheduled for October 3 & 4 has been canceled due to the pandemic.

The new Prototype S1M is almost ready. September 25th is the schedule. The first few out of the molds will be shipped to several skippers for building and sailing. The boats will be tested and pushed to limits to determine reliability and compliance to Soling One Meter Class rules.

After the initial testing and sea trials production should start soon. Please keep in mind that in the beginning the new Kit will only include the boat. Rigging, Mast and sails will need to be built at home or purchased from others.

The main purpose of this memo is to inform all that a few Soling 1Meter boats parts are available. The manufacturer has replacement one- piece prebuilt rudders in stock. Deck hatches in solid or clear are available for your existing boats. New Decks with new hatch covers are also ready.

As this progresses toward reality please watch the new http://www.soling1m.com , Soling One Meter Forum, FB page and RC Groups for updates.

Please write or call if you have questions.

Tim Stone