Looking Glass Trophy

Colwyn Bay Model Yacht Club would like to invite all comers to take part in the Looking-glass Trophy for Footy Class Yachts. The rules are much the same as those of the NZ Postal Classic, but have been tweaked slightly to increase interst over the monh’s racing. The formal notice of race can be found at
If you are not sure how a Footy Internet course or a postal classic type race works, go to http://footy.rcsailing.net/course-v2.php .

If you are still having problems, feel free to contact your national registrar, whose contact details can be found at http://footy.rcsailing.net/register.php .

For specific details of the race, contact Gary Sppillane of CBMYC at translate@enterprise.net. Please include the words LOOKING-GLASS in every mesage subject.

We look forward to great fun and a humungous turnout. Remember you don’t need anyone to race against, to be a member of a club or anything like that. Just get out and do it!

Angus Richardson

Sorry Angus but your link to the NOR seems to be broken?

(could be your spelling of lookingglass) missing the first “L” and the o next to it.

Thanks Ian , thought everything was working.

Seems to work from here.I’ll have my IT gurru look at it n the mornimmg.

Jusdt in case you thought it had disappeared.