Looking Glass Trophy

Following on from the New Zealnd Postal Clasic, Colwyn Bay Model Yacht Club will be ‘hosting’ the Looking Glaass Trophy, an event of broadly the same format as the NZPC, to be held in September 2007. Details to follow.

Anyone going to do another one in hhe mean-time? NB you do not necessarly have to be a recognised club to host an event.

Since nobody else has picked up the ball and run with it, we in Colwyn Bay will. Please see details of next (hopefully improved) postal classic under Announcements.

ok. i’m actually gonna race in this one!:p:lol::zbeer:

Angus, sounds good, I look forward to competing. Couldn’t get the Colwyn Bay link to open at either RC sailing or Yahoo sites though . Is it a problem at my end or does the link need tweaking? Paul

TYhink it’s fixed. You mentioned you might like to come to Gosport tghis summer. If you would like putting on the event mailing list, please PM me. Same applies to anyone else who is NOT A REgiSTERED UK Footy owner.

Just a reminder - Looking Glass Trophy starts on 1st July. Everyone champing at the bit? Remember that you submit the results NOW - not at the end of the month! Don’t let that record time lapse!


OK Count me in.


me too! i am building a course tomorrow!:smiley: