Looking Glass TRophy - Standings

Results so far:

26-07-07 Bill Korsgard 6 min 02 sec
21-07-07 Brett McCormack 6 min 30 sec.
26-07-07 Bill Korsgard 7 min 23 sec
22-07-07 Bill Korsgard 16 min 00 sec
27-07-07 Barrett Sparkman 17 min 30 sec

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Angus (and All),
I must profusely apologize & ask that my name be removed from the above results. I had not read the NOR & somehow thought that the race only required 3 laps. My bad ;-( ;-(.

No wonder I thought that it was too easy to approach the 6 minute mark.

So if we ever get some decent wind in the next few days (none is predicted),
I’ll give it another shot.

Bill K (the guy with egg on his face & eating his hat)

Bill - I am so sorry!



For what it’s worth -

1st - Brett McCormack
2nd Barrett Sparkman

Really rather disappoiting. What went wrong?


What went wrong here in S Daytona was that the wind didn’t co-operate. We had the internet course at the pond for three saturdays, thwarted each time by sub 4 knot oscillating winds ( 40 - 60 deg shifts). There’s no way to set an internet course in those conditions even with our ‘iceberg’ downwind mark. So Angus I apologise for not participating, it wasn’t for lack of effort.

I agree, I thought for sure that a bunch of others would participate.
After I discovered my stupid mistake I tried a couple more time, but the wind was terrible. If it wouldn’t violate the NOR, you could add my better 3 lap times & multiply by 5/6 for a time of 11min 11 sec. But that would be unfair
to Barrett who took the time to read the rules.

BTW, congratulations on the successful Gosport event. I really enjoyed the article & the photos.

well, on my part, procrastination mixed with a fair bit of poor luck was what did me in. i was all ready to go out in my new proto and give it a real shot, but as i think i said, i had to send my sail servo back… [still haven’t heard from the warrenty people… maybe i should just order a new one…:mad:]

sigh… bummer the event didn’t turn more footys out… i guess we’ll have to try again… maybe now that we are going to have a few “real” races coming up, it will get people in the mood for racing?:confused:

thanks for working so hard on this though Angus:)