Looking for Site Participation

This site replaced the old one back about early 2000’s, and while reviewing subscribers, I noticed a pretty long list of people who wanted to subscribe to the forum, but have only posted the initial required, “introductory” post.

Kind of curious “why”, and “what” is keeping you from posting and participating in the site forums? You can shoot me a PM or email, or just post on this topic and let us know what we need to do to get you involved. It’s been noted by some who thought about posting more free plans, that they aren’t very interested because of lack of forum participation. The site owner is “paying” for the site, and I would think it would be beneficial that if YOU want the site - at least you could support it by posting…questions, how to do it’s, views, etc.

Let’s get the site back up and useful

Dick Lemke
Volunteer Administrator for the forum (which isn’t mine)

There’s not much you can do other than plead your case because it is me and others that are just to lazy to type a few words now and then. In my case it is not because of any lacking on the forum’s part. It is my nature to be reclusive.

Henceforth, I will attempt to support the forum by posting more often because I really do enjoy the information presented therein. Maybe others will also realize how important it is to have this forum available and will lend a little more effort to help in it’s success.

I’ll try harder,


at your place I will be more drastic and cancel the messages that do not bring any useful contribution or bringing a new valid subject.
Being more severe when allowing the subscription and ask them their motivations …
Here in France my subscrition in one forum was cancelled due to lack of participation, so it is not rare to do it …

Let say : if no messages are posted after “one year” the subscription is cancelled !

Claudio - I was also looking for posts from people who didn’t have an IP address. Regarding deletions, and your suggestions - I would leave final decision up to the site owner to make that call.

Also, I believe few if any would even notice if they have been deleted. Especially those who have been subscribers since 2004 and show no activity.

Clark - thanks for being candid. I often find myself in similar place. Fortunately, I have been a member of forum from prior to 2004 when it only was text. I got a lot of education from others and try to pass same on.


Here’s a weird point of view…

This site has a ridiculous wealth of knowledge with regards to building methods etc. Most of these methods seem to have been “perfected” so there’s not that much discussion anymore about new techniques. If you look at many of the heavy build threads, they involved guys trying different ways of doing things for the first time so everyone was very involved.

Secondly, it’s quite an intimidating forum in terms of technical knowledge (not users, just the sheer amount of info that is quite in depth). I have never sailed in my life, have never been on a boat and have no idea why I like these yachts so much. The learning curve is incredibly steep, however I am also extremely stubborn and don’t care what people think - so I will happily ask questions without fear of embarrasment. I think a lot of people don’t think like that.

Hence my build log - I am always split in two minds about it. Technically there’s no reason to do it at all. However I hope that people who get the hair-brained idea to try build one will see my attempts and give it a bash. Worst case you get a paper weight that looks like a suppository (bulb) but the more likely scenario is you plonk a yacht on the water that you built from scratch. That’s something that I think is missing now-a-days and it’s something that I am very grateful to all posters on this forum for.

Soapbox over.
I’ll continue participating by asking daft questions and sanding all my mistakes away :stuck_out_tongue:

As noted in the RG65 thread - I came very close to 'binning" my narrow RG65 because of surface finish issues. (See post for all the info - don’t want to repeat here) but in the end, one does make a choice - and I will probably try to rescue the build (due to hours involved) but the trash bin is still there. Until you build it, float it, you will never know. I’m not an electronics/radio guy, so I try to read all threads that involve radios and receivers. Gotta learn somewhere.

Thanks for your confidence in the forum.

Beginning of rant –

I usually read this forum on my lunch time, at work. I don’t read it everyday and I don’t necessarily read all the threads. I post something, occasionally, if I can answer a question that has not already been answered, or if I can add to someone else’s answer.

I am not much of a scratch builder. I don’t care for it. I prefer to buy used boats and tinker with them until they feel “right” to me. I don’t have any build logs or questions I need to ask to ask.

I’m a reader and I’ll bet 80 to 90 percent of the members are, too. Like in most organizations, 10 percent do all the “work” while the rest savor the benefits.

Encouraging participation is a good thing. I think reading is as much participation as is writing. Cancelling someone’s membership because they didn’t post something in a year’s time is a mistake. You’ll lose all the readers.

If someone neither read or posted for a significant period of time, that could be considered non-use and, perhaps, those members should be dropped. I would suggest first sending them an email warning them of their status and asking whether they want to remain a member.

– End of rant

Good points

To clarify - we have subscribers from 2004 with a single (introductory) post.

Personal opinion: in 12 years, there is sufficient time to read and perhaps verbalize your agreement or disagreement, ask a question etc. that at least makes it “look” like you are interested. Also, there are quite a few who have no IP address which makes email notices a waste of time. I got 7 back today as un-deliverable. Those are now gone. If they still have an interest, they can resubmit a new registration. Some are carry overs from the old system. It may be that email addresses weren’t required back then.

FYI - just checked. We have 38 subscribers who have joined prior to December 31, 2004 with only 1 post.

A couple I recognize and wonder if they have forgotten their sign-on name and/or password.

I find it absolutely unbelievable that someone could in almost the same breath whine and complain about a lack of posting to a very thinly supported forum and then turn around recommend that one should post a series of “likes” or “cheers”, in lieu of a substantive or meaningful posting. The forum here is not the central focus of R/C sailing information exchange, and no arbitrary number of “I like your photo” or “That’s a nice boat” will save it from the limited value it has exhibited for the past several years. People who routinely appear on forums by commenting on every thread that appears seem to dilute the value and attractiveness of such a forum, maybe different advice would be more productive.

The author is obviously upset because natural support for the enterprise is lacking, as a result of limited content. People gravitate to the forums that are working, and unfortunately this one is a 2nd or 3rd tier effort as voted by the keyboards of the few users that appear.

People post to places where they know their messages will find a robust audience. It’s not a conspiracy against this forum, its the market place of ideas being more located somewhere else.

Rod - As the above “author” (and volunteer moderator) with no pony in this race, I ask and point out that we seem to be carrying a lot of “dead weight”. I’m not asking for “likes” or for “cheers” - I am asking why after 12 years a person(s) hasn’t found anything relative to post? Should we continue to carry them - or - does it make sense to consider that no posts are a vote they don’t really want to be here? I started adding “Deceased” to those former posters who have passed away to reflect any new posts may not get an answer if notified. The forum moderators work hard to assure spammers are quickly removed and their IP address is banned. Moderators assist in helping with registration and sign on issues. And we have an area of well thought out designs that are provided for free. Do we have the “flash” posters? — Nope, and don’t need or want them.

Would appreciate if you would take the time to read my initial post and give considerations to my statements and what I actually asked.

Personally, I really don’t care if the non-participants stay or leave. I was asked to help keep the forum updated, and free of spam. Also the direction of the form has changed a great deal since the initial one in which points of interest or subjects “outside” the norm of “accepted” classes couldn’t be posted without caustic comment from some owners. I think we are doing a good job. While I agree the format of the forum isn’t as nice as some of the newer ones, like an old sailboat - there will always be new ideas to consider.

Dick Lemke

Dick, I have not been active for quite a long time. I look in about once a week and have nothing of value to add. Just be aware that the lurkers are watching and waiting for something to add. Clyde

Yup - I did notice a few visits. Miss ya.

Oh, a silly point - I would change the “label” system.
I’ve been given “senior member” which I assume is based on post count.
Senior Member gives the impression of knowledge/importance which I definitely should not have. It’s a silly point but people notice that kind of thing.

And as a guy who was admin on a far more volatile site than any Rc one I’ve seen- I would personally not delete old users. They don’t really create any overhead on the forum.
If you are a neat freak it will bug you but there is a good chance you may inadvertently offend a values contributed who’s been quiet for a while.

Viewers can always watch RC Sailing without being subscribed members.
I remember one of the most visited tread with more then 212000 viewers out of 644 posts.
For sure most of them are simple visitors.
My suggestion remain :
‘one year without posting = subscription cancelled’
If wish to be enrolled again just need to apply !

Claudio is correct in that you don’t have to be signed in to see the forum topics and posts.

The benefits of signing in are the ability post or start a new topic, add photos, and have the system remember the last viewed post in any topic, so if a new post is added, you can go directly to the new post.