Looking for Plans for Sailmaking

I may be way off base, please let me know, but are sails made from patterns or are they each done by hand on a block? I saw the guide by Lester, but it won’t be available for a few weeks and I haven’t been able to get an answer. There seems to be very little literature on the internet about sails and I am to far away(Korea) to go to a bookstore.

Here’s where I am. I recently(yesterday) purchased a Victoria from Tower Hobbies. I found a Club in my hometown that races the class and it also seems to be a good intro into r/c sailing.

Did I mention that I’ve barely even been on a sailboat?

Anyway, I wanted to do something with my 5 yr old son, so r/c acft was out, and he loves boats, so it seems to be a good match.

So, here I am, stationed in Korea, right? Well, I have an opportunity to have custom sails made for a very good price, but I am woefully lacking in instruction/knowledge/smarts on what to tell the seamstress.

Can I just use the original sail as a pattern? I am fairly sure that it can be reproduced here, but, will it, with the proper materials, be a better sail than stock?

Therefore, all and all hints, tips, stories, patterns or instruction will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


“Mundo Nulla Fides”

Try this link - and then look through the library listing as there are several good preliminary articles which may be of help.
If you do not “panel” your sails, you will simply have a sail that is of same quality, just different material. You can, however use it as a “profile” for your new sail. By cutting panels with a slight curve to the lower edge of each panel, when taped up, they form a hollow or camber which gives the sail power.
The above referecned site should help you with the basics