Looking for offical Footy Graphic?

I was wondering if there was an offical Footy Graphic…i.e. jpeg…etc for downloading?:slight_smile: Also, Is there a specific spot on the sails to display the Footy logo. Guessers are welcome but not encouraged to respond:lol:

There’s one here, http://footy.rcsailing.net/freesailing_rules.pdf.

I think the old insignia vanished with the rules change. I guess we’ll have to post one somewhere.

There’s not really any consensus of the exact size. I prefer a 63mm tall foot. Others go as small as 43mm. Some agreement was found on the convention for display. Face the insole toward the mast putting them in the same position on each side.

I found that there was a jpeg in the Italian language rulels. I tried cut and paste …nada unsuccesuful. Both PDF files were dated 2005…shouldn’t there be a 2009 updated set of rules?:confused:

Here you go my friend, try this one.
As stated, size is your choice.
Convention is, big toe toward the mast.
Should be placed as high as possible and back to back, so appearing the same from each side.
I have used a waterproof felt tip marker and just done a freehand drawing.
From two metres or more the effect is the same.

Thanks for the help. I plan on cutting some vinyl to put on the main sail.
Thanks again to all.

… paint the toenails red (on the port side …)

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