Looking for input on an idea

Hey all,

I’ve been scanning through some issues of Wooden Boat magazine, and really like the lines of classic wooden yachts. How do you all think that scaled down Herreshoff New York 30’s or 40’s would do? I’ve seen a kit of a classic yacht that can be made R/C, but I think it would be cool to do something completely original and scratch built. What do you all think ?

other models that would be nice:

Dark Harbor 12.5 or 17
Herreshoff 12.5

Why not ask on the Scale Sail and Scale Sail Theory sections, you may just get lucky there!!.
If it was a Schooner you were building, I could help, but I am sure you will get some advice from this Forum.
JayDee. [:-angel]

Any of those classic designs would make a beautiful model!!
One thing to keep in mind is that an exactly scaled down model will not sail very well in more than light winds. This is because of the so called “scaling effect”. More discussion of this can be found under the “Scale Sail Theory” thread;

Theres an italian company that makes a model of Endeavour (J-Class) that is slightly bigger than an IOM.