looking for informations on marblehead

hi guys
i am looking for information on the marblehead monarch. or paradox. my wife is looking to get me plans for xmas. and i have always wanted to get my hands on one. but i cant find pictures or any information as to which one is good or bad. can anybody tell me what i am getting myself into? any special item i HAVE to have ?
any links to pictures or information


This does not answer your question, but I assume you have seen it or if not you might like to see it.


i had not seen that website. but wow. this guy did a great job. does this meen i have to use carbon fibre on the marblehead? wonder how the boat is hooked up with winch ? or arm.
any more help coming . thank you

Hey dude, been a long time hasn’t it? I have a Bantock STRAD and it is made from his molds all carbon. He uses what we call a squish mold, as in postitive and negative and you wetout the material and then pressure the two molds together and sandwich the material in between. It drives out the excess resin and leaves a finished surface on both sides of the hull.

You don’t have to use carbon, it is a better choice but worth the money? Well… that is a speculative answer. I am not good enough to tell 2-3 ozs difference in a boat. You can use a quality “S” glass layup and come in cheaper and reasonably close in the weight/strength category. If you are good with your boat, you are going to do well, those ounces won’t bring you a trophy.


hi guys
i just found this. and thought i would share with group. this guy is very good


i am going to take some information there. anybody else come across information on marbleheads?