Looking for "double ender" plans

Any scale would do, since I plan to redraw with a CAD program. But if it is 36-42" long, that would be great.

Butch dont forget that you will need to fiddle up the lines when scaling from one size to another. For instance if you scale up a model that is 15 units long to 20 units, the displacement will increase as the cube of the scale factor. (1.333)^3 . In the 15 to 20 case the displacement will more than double but the weight increase will be far less than double. That means that you would need to add a disproportionate amount of ballast to get the larger model on her lines.

Also when scaling sail plan the area increases/decreases as a function of the square of the dimensions.

I don’t mean to discourage you but Autocad, while a marvelous tool, does not compensate for the disproportionate differences in volume and/or area.