Looking for: Bob Sterne VIDEO on sail tuning

Hi there!

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Bob Sterne’s VIDEO on sail tuning?

I have the written articles… looking for the video.

I will attach a picture of what the video looks like in VHS format…

Thanks a lot!!

A Google search using ’ Bob Sterne sail tuning ’ yielded a number of hits including someone who has the video. Looks like also comments on another forum which I did not goto.

Thanks Frank.

The other forum is rcgroups and it is my post as well. The person that has a copy, so far is not willing to lend it out…

Search continues. Someone must have it!!!


Just a thought - write AMYA at ( http://www.theamya.org/ ) and ask them if they have any current contact information for Bob. Someone at the organization may still be friends with him - even though he is retired fropm the r/c boat business.

Probably 90% of AMYA members read these forums.

HI Roberto…

I still have a few copies of the Tuning Video… PM me and I’ll give you my address, etc…


If you did not see my note to you yesterday, I am interested.
Please contact me at tstone52@comcast.net

Replied to your PM… have now sent it as an email as well…


Thanks Bob!

Money sent!!!