Long keels 5.5mt, 6mt, 8mt, I.O.D., Dragons

More and more modelers are turning their attention to long keel model boats.
One of the aspect is their aesthetic appearance and another interesting aspect is given by the low draft they offer especially when the Ponds are disturbed by all sort of weeds.
This tread is therefore open to all these named designs that do not pertain to the America Cup History
Hope this tread will be of any interest and invite for comments, proposals, … etc.


Fin keels are great for performance until you catch a weed. One thing I like my Ec12 is the weed free full keel.

some drawbacks to the full keel is the turning performance, unbalanced rudders, and the higher CG makes for smaller sail plans… and increase surface area.

another down side…no place to grab the boat. IE on a fin keel, grab the fin and go. on the full keel, it can be a two hand operation. unless the boat is light enough to be grabbed by the mast…

Hi Marc,
This week I got two requests for Dragon Plans, one for 120cm length. With a rough calculation should be around 4.1kg and probably will be necessary to “inflate” the volume as already done for others as to reach about 5kg of which 3.5kg could go in the ballast.

Of course the long fin/bulb assembly do exhibit better performances also to catch weeds, but they will never compete against long keel !
Unless by purpose a race is organized with weeds !!! heheh

yeah claudio there is no performance comparison betwene a fin/full keel

Off course was a joke !!!

just an anticipation :



The B&W picture I found in an old archive before I bought my self the Styx, a mahogany wood Dragon, several years later and started the complete restoration with renewal of damaged planking, total new deck and complete new roof. 1853 hours of single man effort ! Later I was obliged to build a new the Main Boom and a Mast repair, details about boom construction

Some places to start…


http://www.uffafox.com/books.html all five ‘big’ books have many lines drawings of the meter boats

the luders 16 and 24

William Fife, Bjarne Aas, Tore Holm, and Johan Anker




there is 1 boat that is pretty famous. but not too many people model. if you do some research on the canadian dime… the boat is on it. I dont know of any other boat that is that revered.
america won the cup. but you would have to look in a book… austriala II broke the winning streak. and agian you would have to look in a book
Blue nose was a fishing boat that was also a racing boat. she was the only boat that won alot of racing while lose very little… and also made a living… she is a schooner with great lines…
check out a pic… and tell me she does not belong on a set of drawings?.. in canada we see her all the time. in the money and on the net and in person. We just rebuilt another bluenose to replace the one that was falling out of repair. and she look just like the orginal… minus the engines of course…

what do you think?

thats a pretty wooden boat claudio…

Yes, but an expensive luxe, a lot of maintenance and varnishing every year with 15-16 coats of polyurethane !! + the bottom anti-fouling
Was nice meeting other boats on water and get the thumb up all the times !

A 50" (1270mm) Dragon & IOD would be awesome.

-They could be sailed with the 12m and J project.

A couple of DRAGON drawings with dimensions !

Was not an easy job, because during drawing cross check, I found that between Shadows and Water Lines that there was not matching at all.
I wonder if that is made by purpose. The plans has been extracted from an important magazine like “Yachting Classique Fall 2004”.
Was necessary to redraw completely the shadows with multiple fairing operations and checked for matching with other plans.
In attachment the actual drawings
Shadows to scale 1 : 1 are underway. Because of the width, 264mm, the drawing will be split on two pages, left and right at lest for those being wider then 21cm as per A4 format.

A remark :
The actual Displacement obtained by scaling from the original 1700kg, is 4146cm3
IMO is a bit too low for an 120cm long Hull with a long Keel.
This remark bring to the attention that the full construction should be within 1750g when a bulb of 2400g is used.

I let Cougar to tell me what he think !


PS :
with 1250mm length the displacement is 4720cm3
with 1300mm length the displacement is 5310cm3

I did the same thing as done with the JClass, I used the “envelope” function of Coreldraw, to modify the underwater form without changing too much the above water lines.
The result is that the Displacement is increased to 4903cm3 instead of 4146cm3 and without changing the beam and length.
See pictures below
The blue contour is the new side template compared with the yellow one.

I live in Sweden. I’m currently building a 12mR, inspired by Columbia from 1958. I have made the stern positive instead of the original negative. I use scale 1:12, the boat is 178cm long and the keel weighs 13,8kg.

I’ve always thought that these long keel designs would work really well with removable deep fins and bulbs. that way you can sail the boat in when it blows harder, keep your scale sail plan, and then when you’re done you take the keel off and put the boat back on your mantel above the fire place, step back and admire the lines. Rudder would need to be enlarged but there could be a sailing rudder, and a “to look at” scale rudder, also removable/interchangeable.

Just an idea,
John Storrow

It is one of the “options” availables although not very elegant.
This is what I was considering for the Enterprise

option one is more elegant looking, plus has the added benefit of being weed free. the down side is the loss of the righting moment over option 2…


Very Purty looking…