Long construction time...

Hi guys

The construction of this boat was started in the ‘90s. I met by chance the owner of two M-Class at the marina where I kept my boat (a Flying Dutchman: myself at the trapeze…).

Being already an aeromodeller I was fascinated by RC sailing, so that guy started to give me a hand to build a boat. Unfortunately, with just the hull set, he settled to another city and the hull was unfinished. Now thanks to the help of another Friend, after many years I managed to finish it.
The complete story is here:

Now a second boat is on the slipway, a one meter lenght of my own design ( but not an IOM class…) and I hope to finish it in a more reasonable time frame…

Story up to now is here:


Hope to get in touch with other RC sailing enthusiasts.
Cheers for now