Log Canoes

I found this while browsing SA. I wonder how a Footy would sail with this sailplan. I can’t imagine that topsail gives much power, maybe. The spinnaker would be tricky but I love the look. :zbeer:

Is that a spinnaker flying off the rear mast in that last photo?


Interesting boats, why are they called “log canoes”? Surely they aren’t made from a hollowed out log? Perhaps that was just the ancestry of the design? It’s hard for me to think “canoe” without also thinking “paddles” or “poles”. As a Florida native, the term “log canoe” brings to mind an image of the type craft typically used by the Seminole Indians, being propelled through the shallow swamps by poling, not a schooner with a Clipper Bow! I also liked the big catboat that motored through one of the pictures.