Location, Location, Location.

We would love to know where you live in the world?:bag:

If you do not have your location shown in your profile at the top of your posts then I would like to encourage you to put it there so we may be aware of the great coverage of this forum.
Maybe some of the newbies have not seen this request yet. Thank you for your cooperation.
Thank You. :zbeer:

Good point, but when I went into my profile to change it, I could not find a way to edit it. BTW, I’m from Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Bill, Try going to User CP… top left corner of this screen.

Then Edit Profile… spool down to additional information.

You should see Location panel…fill it in.

Finally go to bottom of that page for …save changes.:kiss:

Your Done…

Just bringing this thread up again as some of the recent contributors have not yet told us where in the world they are from.
It does make it so much more fun to see the “Internationalness” of this forum. :lol:

Hi Ian:

here I go:

Rodolfo Lazo
from Puerto Montt CHile
you can see our annual ranking at www.cvrc.cl, under “Zona Sur” Cause there is a main group of skeeper at the center of Chile, and a new one at the south. So we have different race schedule.

Just bumping this post up to the top again as I see there are a few new contributors without their location shown.
Be proud and tell us on your profile from whence you come…