Locate a Footy - Frappr page

You may or may not have read about Tallastro’s Footy Frappr map. This shows (as exactly as you like) where in the world other Footy sailors are located. It may be that there is a fleet in your town without you knowing it!

Obviously this only works if everyone signs up. Please register on the map!

Nice Mister Moderator, could you make this a sticky please?

Even nicer Mister Webmaster of Official Footy Web Page. Could we put this in as a pretty consipicuous link, announce it as news, etc.

The address is http://www.frappr.com/footysailing

I had a look at this frappr and think that it is important that it becomes more than a map. I think it can only really work if you get a community on there like you do on these forums so people, particulartly “senior members” due to their desire to exprees opinions and help the class of boat, should make thier profiles more interesting, write a blog or two, and upload pictures such as thier latest creations or favourate sailing sites.

I admit it’s not much to look at. I thought it would complement the various forums (fora?) rather than creating a competing site. If you browse around this forum, you’ll find discussions for an online scoreboard that is starting to take shape. The Footy mapping function should migrate to the scoreboard. Our hope is to create a community around racing Footys rather than talking about them. :stuck_out_tongue: My own tendencies lean towards keeping a low profile on the internet. You can find out a lot about me by reading the posts but you won’t find too much in any one place. dons tinfoil hat I’ll try to add some zing.

Did you see the box of links near the bottom of the page? I don’t get a lot of options for layout from Frappr. That’s the other reason to build our own.

Welcome aboard Chris. It’s nice to see someone else near Angus. He was starting to complain that Footys in the UK had too much southern influence. :wink:
Do you have a Footy? If not, I highly recommend building one. It’s not that hard and you’ll never have so much fun gluing your fingers to balsa.


The Frappr map now shows 3 Footys in what looks to me like greater Los Angeles. Why not arrange a get together and tell us what happens!

currently building one (slowly)

Hey everybody, I whipped up some directions for those that might be getting grief from the Frappr site. Let me know if you find errors, find it useful, or have something to add.

Footy USA33


Frappr Instructions. The most basic thing is to give the map or other website tasks time to complete. Clicking multiple times before it’s done will confuse things.

Map Navigation.
Panning - use the mouse to drag the map to a new center position or double click where you’d like the center.
Zoom In/Out - use the slider bar in the upper right. Pins may overlap at small scales (viewing large areas, like countries). Zooming in should allow you to see them as separate pins.
Identification of pins - mouse over the pin to see information about it. Click on the pin and the info will stay displayed. Click the x in the info display to close. Multiple pins may have info displayed at once.
Base map - the default is the street map. Satellite or a hybrid base map may be chosen in the upper left corner of the map.

Other Functions
Adding yourself - fill out the form below the map, you may have to click the Add Yourself tab. It seems to like city, state, zipcode in the US. City and country is probably as good as it gets elsewhere. Try to use your forum username so we can match up people with places. You can also create a whole Frappr web presence if you desire.
Finding other skippers - if you know someone’s name but not their location, you can use the View All Pins tab and hunt for folks. Clicking on their name should highlite them on the map. You could also try the Search feature at the very top of the page. It will search the entire Frappr community and may not be faster than flipping through the FootySailing list of pins…

If you don’t want to give Frappr your email, let me know and I can add you manually. tallastro (at) gmail dot com

Nice job, John…thanks for the hints. I really like the Frapper idea, and I’m pleased to see it catching on. As a dial-up user (I live in the woods) the map takes a LONG time, though…so patience is required!

Bill H

No Bill, a proper telephone line!

You forget Angus… US - unservicable.
And anyway, the idea that people over there can talk to each other with flashy lights down glass rods is just silly ‘old europe’ propaganda!
Cheap pay-as-ya-go cell phones with everlasting credit and even work abroad… don’t make me laugh… :lol:


It’s moving! I’ve arranged a atch series with chrisaberdeen when he’s finished his boat. It’s quite a long way but no frills airlines here are VERY cheap

Signs of positive interest in Louisiana abd southern CA. Wiisconsin? Mass/New Hampshire? Atlanta?

Sorry that it has taken so long to answer this. My computer went down. Then, I had trouble figuring out my password. One person, Don, is probably about 50 miles from me and I communicated with him once. The other “local” is in San Diego, a couple hundred miles. I have been working seven days a week for awhile and have had no time to sail at all. Things will get better soon.

My idea of distances in the USA always was a bit hazy! Meet half way?

I see someone named Monty in Amherst, NY on the Frappr map.

Hey, Monty, come join us! Buffalo Model Boat Club has 4 skippers with about 9 3/4 Footys built, and a couple more on the drawing board. We’re always looking for others to share the fun.

PM me with your email address and I’ll get you some information about our club. Right now, we’re trying to get an indoor venue set up. No need to wait till April!


I’m in…I feel special…

ha! i am view number 1000!:rolleyes:

They fixed the admin’s ability to delete extra dots finally. The only dots on the map should be actual Footy skippers. I was so much fun clicking away 136 dots.:Gnasher: Whew.