Liverpool - Team Voortekker Security Alert

Will all right-thinking persons who do not want to spy on the latest Team Voortrekker boat for Liverpool event please NOT look at the link


You are as enigmatic as the Patrician, Havelock Vetinari.

I have looked at where you didn’t want anyone to look and indeed it looks formaidable, but the height of those castles at the ends will have to be in the box, so this will make the fin very short.

The tooth pick in the foreground has obviously lost its other catamaran hull

Nicely stated, Litefight. :zbeer:


So it’s a proa Angus?

At last we discover the secret of ultra-light Footy construction, there’s (almost) nothing to it.

Have just run into Havelock Vetinari and ‘enigmatic’ hardly describes it. Am reading “Night Watch” right now.


He believes in the principle of “one man, one vote”
He is the man, he has the vote



<<So it’s a proa Angus>>

I have to say it looks to me more like an amateur

  • but what do I know? (except (now) where sheboygan is)