Liverpool - Costs, Accomodation and Questions

I have confirmed that suitable accomodation is avalable at convenient Liverpool University Halls of Residence. Prices are available for en-suite and non en-suite rooms. I shall firm these up tomorrow -the price list and quotation require a Senior Wrangler. It looks as if £ 43.33 buys dinner, bed and breakfast, £67.80 if you want en suite. The standard of Liverpool University Catering is quite high in my experience. Sample dinner menus (waffle cut down!).

Conference Dinner Menu

#Choice of
Waldorf Salad
Fruit Juice
Prawn cocktail
Melon boat

#Choice of
Braised pork chop in apple and cider sauce.
Minute [sic] steak with tomato & oion rings
Beef Bourgignon
Spinach lasagne
Vegetable burritos
Red peppers filled with cous-cous

#selection of deserts

Conference Banquet

#Casserole of mullet with shallots and wild mushrooms

#Crisp roast breast of marsh duck with saerkraut and a jus served with a Parisienne of vegetables

#Selection of potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

#Bread and butter pudding with rum prunes and a rum sabyon.

These are just samples and almost anything can be arranged.

They will provide lunchboxes for about £6.50.

There is a bar on-site.

For Beatles fans, the venue is right opposite the end of Penny Lane. There is a small ‘practice’ pond just round the corner.

I suggest that the format be :
Fri night: anyone here dine in common, either at University or at a heap-and-cheerful (but interesting restaurant) in town. Accomodation at University
Sat night: regatta banquet at University
Sun night: prizegiving high-tea, symposium dinner at University. Possibility of B&B at University.

Alternatively there may be the possibility of dinner on Saturday or Sunday at a splendid Victorian gentleman’s yacht club with some superb paintings and C19 builder’s half models.

I propose to make a block booking of as many rooms as seems sensible and cancel progressively as time goes by. I obviously cannot guarantee to expand the booking. The deal I arrive at is going to be as cheap as anything else available in Liverpool. It therefore appears sensible to book now if you are thinking at all seriously about coming and cancel later. WE WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY MONEY AT ALL UNTIL EVERYTHING IS FULLY FIRMED UP. THEREFTER WE WILL TAKE DEPOSITS. DEPOSITS WILL BE REFUNDBLE TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT REQUIRED TO COVER OUR OWN EXPENSES (INCLUDING ANY CANCELLATION FEES CHARGED BY THE UNIVERSITY). IN OTHER WORDS, WE WILL TILL YOU PRECISELY WHAT YOU ARE IN FOR BEFORE TAKING ANY MONEY OFF YOU.