Liverpool and Hove

It has just occurred to me that what started off as an ‘OMG, well I suppose it will just fit’ feature of the UK Footy programme for 2008 can be put to good use.

On 29 June 2008, the week before the Euro GP/Footy Symposium in Liverpool, Hove & Brighton MYC will be running the Hove Corporation Trophy in Hove Lagoon. This has to be the physically most spectacular trophy currently available to Footys. You couldn’t quite have a race in it but …

Because it is being held in Stollery/Alford/Letten/Cadenhead country south of London, the turnout at Hove is likely to be large and of high quality. For anyone coming from abroad, you have the opportunity of participating in two regattas in a week.

A number of members with free seets in cars are prepared to help with transport from Greater London to Liverpool. Alternatively, we will provide a contact point for shared hire of a ‘people carrier’. Britich roads can be crowded, but they are generally well engineered and acceptbly fast without being terrifying (speed limit on high-speed roads 70 mph, enforcement speed typically 80). Distance Hove-Liverpool 270 miles, driving time approx 4 h 30min.

i dont quite understand is it in hove or south london or is there two?

hove lagoon.

sweet ill defanetly go down and cheque it out as its the local spot for me