Little rules question

B.2 The following may project above the top of the measurement box: sail(s), mast, spars, rigging, aerial, associated fittings.

Would the top of a servo poking out of the deck be considered an associated fitting or part of the hull as measured?
Same question for tiller arm’s and linkages…
Somthing to think about!
The footies I built about 5 years ago now had the mast mounted ontop of a servo poking through the deck, and the rudders were controlled by a through deck servo too.
Am I thinking too much?!

Don’t know - and merifully, I’m not part of the technical team any more! However, what great benefit does it bring? Always avoid testing rules for its ow sake. :slight_smile:


whatever the ruling, the easy fix is to just cut 1/4" off the bottom of the bulb, and have the deck sit below the top of the box!:devil3:

Yes Matthew you are thinking too much.:lol:

Unless your keel is at maximum length and the deck cannot be lowered within the box you have “no worries mate.”
Our friend 420 is correct IMHO.:graduate:
The rule is not designed to prevent lateral thinking such as yours so go for it.
Pleased to see you back contributing here again. Cheers. :zbeer:

ps. 420 your link does not work correctly yet.

thanks ian… it should work now…:scared:

No benift to the averge boat to be honest…having a servo directly under the rig I personally like as it makes the boat easy to control…think direct-drive to a swing rig (actually mine were una rigged, but you can proabally see what i mean). You can even get it to sail backwards! Here’s a pick of a skiff-footie I built ages ago using this idea.

Elegant boat. In that instance I personally (for what it matters) would say that, if there is a measuement problem - i.e. you cannot sink the boat deeper in the box - then what we are looking at is a clear attempt to increse draft artificially. It would need a lot of convincing by precedent of exactly what the worning means.

However, I am no longer a member of the Tech Team and am entitled to make these witty pronouncements without much in the way of accountabiliy. Being seriois, it look like he whole thing will fit in the box and that there is no practical problem.

That boat more than likely would fit the box anyway…it was built before there were any footie rules, and it doesn’t really have a keel.

I’m guessing i could argue the one under the rig, as it is the mast step. The rudder one however?!
Nothing like pushing the rules…!

Free pefectly free to ask for an interpretation of the rules. You should pass this to me in the first intance (see Registration tab on Official website). You ought to register the boat as well