and who said we need foils…sorry had to[:-angel]

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

You can’t hardly get more cool than that! Thanks Ed!
But if you want to fly all the way around the course in 10 knots of wind you need foils-or an airplane…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

now that is sailing on the edge. i love it
almost looks like a flying dutchman.

Looks like an FD??!! Dont tell them that, thell go mad!!
I love skiffs, light boats rule! Theres nothing better than hitting a wave and it all going quiet, tho you dont need waves to get air with a kite that big!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Speaking of sailing on the edge, I was racing with my dad in our M-20 scow in easily 25 to 30 knots of wind. We were going dead down wind with the spinnaker up and just bouncing off the waves. We would pull both our bilgeboards all the way up in these conditions so that we would not “trip” over them and capsize, so the only thing in the water much of the time was the twin rudders.

So here we were flying along downwind. I’m trimming the chute when suddenly we crest a particularly large wave and come surfing down the front side. The sheet in my hand went soft and then the spinnaker started to collapse from the middle and the mainsail started to luff limply. I looked back at my dad and said “what the hell is going on?”

His reply: “We just hit windspeed!”

As soon as we hit the backside of the next wave, the boat slowed a bit, the spinnaker filled again and the sheet snapped taut.

That is the second fastest I have ever been going in a sailboat: Livin’ on the edge of windspeed!

  • Will

Will Gorgen

life does not get any better than that does it people. i memeber when i had my fd. standing on the hull side . trying to keep the boat upright. (for dear life). this is what life is sailing is healthy
matt you dont think they look like dutchman? if not what are they called. i would not mind getting one , to try and kill myself:-)(that was a joke)

18 foot skiffs is what they are, you can pick an old one up for around ?5000, the problem is the upkeep, they cost a bomb to campaign. Some guys from my home club bought one an took it to a meeting in france, the uk class secutary walked up to them and said somthing on the lines of “Hi! you’re new, welcome to checkbook sailing”. It has to be said that was the last event the did!
I would think they do a fair bit more than the windspeed downwind, all skiffs do (tho they dont barn door EVER). Even my boat which has no kite is best sailed downwind at angles for apparent, itll plane all the way on the runs in a force 2-3.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

I remember watching televised Aussie dinghy racing on ESPN years ago… Holy cow!!! fast, wet and violent!!! Or my favorite pic - in Wooden Boat. The article was about Formula 40 racing (multihulls off the beach with grandstands). The pic showed a full-scale trimaran coming at you - and completely out of the water as it jumped!!

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

<font color=“red”><font size=“2”>KITES ? CHUTES ? FOILS ?</font id=“size2”></font id=“red”>

“We don’t need no stinkin’ kites, chutes or foils to fly! Heck we don’t even need no stinkin’ jibs!”


150 sq feet of main sail on a 170 lb. cat platform!

… and my acknowledgements to the movie “Blazing Saddles”

<center>[:D] [:D] [:D]</center>

that was a great picture
you hold on for dear life. because if you dump it. that is gonna hurt
now I want to do that

Maybe not !!! Might want to hold on to that thought.

Singlehanded 18 Square North Americans
Houston (Texas) Yacht Club
Galveston Bay (shallow)

Download Attachment: [ smGutzHouston.jpg]( lemke/200419153210_smGutzHouston.jpg)

lol , now who put that rock there
way to go guys

Here are real flying skiffs!!

I would imagine, that racing a skiff is pretty hard work - so is it necessary to stop every now and then for a drink of water and to rest a moment?


Download Attachment: [ sm2002pitchpole.jpg]( Lemke/2004122204849_sm2002pitchpole.jpg)

Not so sure Dick, I’d rather sail a skiff than a hiking boat…
Drinking’s no problem, you just sail one handed with the tiller and sheet in one hand and the drink in the other!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Hey, Dick! Mel Brooks stole that line from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston. Did I just age myself or show that I have watched as many movies as Roger Ebert?

Hmmm - going to have to rent that one and specifically watch for it.

Of course, there are so many one-liners from Mel Brook’s films, one could use one-a-day and still have a lot left over.

Man Steve - “you must be older than dirt !” - but I might be catching you if you wait a bit.

Here are some awesome photos of boats, all except 1 off the net.

Download Attachment: twelvefooter.jpg

Download Attachment: assaabloy.jpg

Download Attachment: bluepoint.jpg

Download Attachment: cowes1.jpg

Download Attachment: cowes2.jpg

Download Attachment: cowes3.jpg

Download Attachment: ellabache.jpg

Download Attachment: fourteenfooter.jpg

Download Attachment: minitransat.jpg

Download Attachment: pegasus.jpg

Download Attachment: prestige1.jpg

Download Attachment: prestige2.jpg

Download Attachment: prestige3.jpg

Download Attachment: sabot.jpg

the above pic is me sailing my sabot (8 foot Aus training boat) in 25+ knots!

Download Attachment: smeg.jpg

Download Attachment: southpark.jpg

Download Attachment: spray.jpg

Download Attachment: surfin.jpg

Download Attachment: surfing.jpg

Download Attachment: surfinggrundig.jpg

Download Attachment: symantic.jpg

Download Attachment: twelvefootskiff.jpg

Download Attachment: yellow.jpg

A word of the wise comparing 18 footers to anything else is ludicrise(spelt that wrong). 18 footers are by far the fastest sailing machines on the water. Every year there is a race between an 18 footer and a tornado cat. They wait until there is 15-20 knots to give both boats a chance. Top crews in both boats the 18 footer has lost once in 22 years. 18 footers don’t need foils they sail these days faster than the wind on all angles of sail. Kites are used downwind regardless of the wind strength because it is the only way to stop them cartwheeling, and believe be on an 18 that hurts. If you have never sailed one try to get a ride on one, standing out there on those wings in 15 knots of wind is the most excillerating thing I have ever done.