Listing Boat Names, internationally or nationally

As I wait the arrival of my Lajabless hull, with ever increasing anticipation, what to name her began to occupy my mind. It then struck me that I would not want to use the same name for my boat as someone else. This is more of a problem with a small class and with manufactured hulls as a Lajabless is likely to be named ‘Devil Woman’ or suchlike. Is there a list of boat names or could one be created?

I have noticed that many people posting here list their boats in their signature. I think this is a great idea and I have created a database in the Yahoo Footy Group here:
Now we just need people to log their Footy.

Thank you for that response, which I have to assume was ‘Extremely Urgent’, brilliant name for a boat made the way you did. It’s just that I think people who put some though or creativity into their boat names should be able to effectively keep them and not just have them copied by anyone else. That way more new, interesting names come up.

I think that the listing of Footy boat names started in the UK if I am not mistaken.

In a way its seems a sort of pride thing though, but, it is a way to claim a name (like registering sail numbers) and I applaud the desire to not inadvertently duplicate a name. So, I will start to list my boat’s design names with my posts, with informative intent, most humbly.