Line 7 Port Nicholson Regatta 2005

[:-captain] Here is a link to heaps of photos of IOM and AC15 Radio yachts, taken at the regatta sponsored by WELLINGTON WATERFRONT LIMITED, over the weekend of 26-27 Feb.
As you can see it was sailed off a long narrow pontoon, which made it a little tricky to concentrate and not step off. What great publicity we had, as part of a major keelboat regatta hosted by the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.
Ten AC15, match raced and nine International One Metres, fleet raced, in front of large groups of knowledgable spectators.[:-pirate]
PS; That`s me starring in the big hat.[:-fight]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

oh my…we must censure these pics!!! [;)]

very nice! soon overhere I also should be able to sail…well our “fleet” has only 2 skippers and one of them is A pirate (=me), and all that with a fresh re-painted Seawind! and more…as for now, snow shovelling…snowing again, and helping the guys from the Special Olypimcs…

nice one!


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