lift creation?

what is this thing on the top?

it’s a kite sail.

Can (in theory) produce forward drive with minimum heeliong force. They’re quite serious things. Design studies are being done for using them on oil tankers.

huh, i would have siad it was a usom taking up hanggliding… now for the everpresent question, can it be used of a footy?

Yes. I can see no reason why not (from the rules point of view) [wash my mouth]. Launching, etc might prove more interestings. There were some pics (I suspect of the same boat) under a thread Aussie 36s a few months back.

It’s something I’ve wanted to try, but don’t know much about and haven’t yet found the time to play around.

Bill H

Yes and I have been there for some years… All about the Environment.

The design as shown is quite dated and some would say a little comical.

Current design concepts are more in line with Kite Surfing… Where did kite surfing come from ?? Hmmm…

To test the theory grab a GI Joe Hang Glider and attach it to the mast. It’ll be interesting to see if you could control with only two servos…

Two crazy thoughts.

You can use materials less dense than air. What about a little helium to give a kite sail permanent bouyancy in air?

Could you eliminate the rudder and use a kite sail to steer?

Any adventurous young turks want to take it up?

I think even an adventurous young Tuck would know to leave that one alone Angus :rolleyes:

Frit! (Quoted from Mrs. H.M Thatcher, a British politician)

I was thinking more Tolkien actually :sly:


yah know, if you just put a balloon filled with hydrogen up above the rig, maybe you could decrease the displacement enought to get the boat to plane, then when you were done you could just blow the balloon up and have the boat sail back to you! :rolleyes: i think i’ll leave lighter than air stuff alone for a while…:sly:

What happens if you put helium or whatever in a balloon in the hull? :smiley:

It’s funny, I’ve thought of doing this. I also thought I’d burst the hull hull trying to inflate the balloon.:propeller