LiFe battery packs

I am thinking about trying out these batteries for my two RG’s.
Has anyone had experience with them? And witch size pack is
I am using a Futaba 3GR-2.4G radio and R603FF receivers,
also interested if it is possible to power my transmitter with


I am using the Hyperion packs (850mAh) for the RG and MM with good success. Usually 1 packs is enough for a whole day, when racing, I usually change at noon. Just for the case …
The boats are equipped Multiplex M-Link receivers which can be operated directly with LiFePo and LiPo. The problem might be the servos. Not all of them are specified for LiFePos. Many servos will work but might have a shortened lifetime. Some will burn by sure …
In my RG I am using high voltage servos (Dymond D60 for the rudder, Hyperion DH-13 FMB for sails)
In my MM I use a power connection cable with a voltage limiter which is from 2 Schottky diodes in series. These 2 diodes cause a voltage drop of about 0.8-1V. No problem with all the old servos in my MM so far …

After searching around the web for suitable LiFePo packs,it looks to me that they are larger than what I have been using (AAA size).
That makes them a problem to fit in without a bit of reworking. Guess I will keep using Ni-MH.

I am using 700 mah life packs in my boat smaller then a 4 pack of aa battery’s also in my futaba 6ex I am using a life pack fits right in and last all weekend
in my futaba 6j also. and the plus for the boat is the packs are lighter and have better run times.
later mike

Thanks for the info.
I will plan them into my next RG build this winter.
Now if can just decide on a design.