leukemia cup

Hey folks

has any RC group participated in the Leukemia Cup


If so please hit me up off line

mjs82 at georgetown dot edu

Our club is going to participate in this event and Id like to get some idea on how others have handled it, fund raising, ect…Since I’m heading up the event for our club and its in September I figure I’ve got time to prepare.

Hi Mark -

not exactly the same thing - but for five years I hosted/managed the “Catamarans For Cancer” big cat race in Michigan with all proceeds to American Cancer Society, before moving here to Minnesota. On average we had about 35-40 boats show/race/party. If I can be of any assistance, let me know. ALL our proceeds went to cancer, and only costs were to reimburse the race committee boat for gas. Everything else including use of a county park was donated/provided. Best year was just over $19,000 raised as I recall.

You can catch me off line as well, for more details and ideas.


Dick we are working with he PRSA (Potomac river sailing assoc) so we are in good hands in that respect. I’m more concerned with ideas about scheduling races while also scheduling time for others to “play with the boats”. Ie whats a good balance…