Lets start fresh

Hi Everyone

Well I have stayed out of the heated deabates about Mr Lord and his going ons but have watch along with out posting.

Any way I think it is good to start fresh and as we have already seen we have been reminded why we are here.

so I thought why not have everyone that has a project on the go update everyone on the progress and lets get some good discussion going one.

Cheers Gappy

starting over…

I just came back from my vacation in the old continent, great sailing action(s), tons of fun and happy to see relatives and friend.
Now I am sorting my mailbox…tons of messages, not all good.
I still dont know exactly what happend (do I want to know??).

Anyway back here…and ready [;)], guys I missed you (not all, but some LOL)



_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


welcome back wis,
did you have good flights? how was the sailing? did you do any radio control sailing?
glad you are back!!!

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.