Lets look at this a bit:

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Edit: I herewith make an official apology to Mr. Peter Birch, which sent me finally the requested money with Western Union this Thursday 21st April 2005, local time. I also state that making this whole “problem” public was just WRONG! as he (again) sent the money as requested. I also invite posting members to do so…I also shut down the webpage as I told Mr. Peter Birch yesterday soon after our “chat” on MSN, I am also canceling every legal actions I took and will!
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This is, how should I say at least generous, from Wish’s side. I dont know what the reality is and what has really happened, but One thing is for certain.

This guy waited long enought. When the problems arose, he was left without knowlegde and communication about what is going on and mainly because of the lack of knowledge this Publicity arose. This publicity got the matter solved. No one knows what would have happened if the case would not have been handled like it did. So what I am saying is that going public was NOT wrong. Maybe some things should have been fine tuned before publishing, but the principle was not wrong.

If the communication would not have been onesided, all this wouldnt have ever happened.

As a Sidenote: IF some freaky things wich are part of life prevent me from doing my job or fullfilling my made deals, I post some sort of doctor certificate or similar. At least to keep your job here in Finland its mandatory. If it is a case of Family tragedy, the least I can do is give estimate. I got a near-burnout behind me and I phoned my boss every week, just to tell him “no, I am not able. Lets get back to this next week” The key point was not about my boss pressing me back, but he wanted to be aware of situation as he is responsible for the resources and production. He had to had enought information so he can decide if he should hire more people to back up my absensce, or will i be back so that its unprofitable.

Basicly what I am saying here is that Wishm is not the only one owing an apology here. Thanks, thats all.

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