League Challenge

As you may remember, in those hiigh and far off times when kites were kites and Zippo fuel was Zippo fuel, we were talkiing about running fleet leagues with scoring over the Internet. A little has been done about software to run this, and the preamble to a largely technical document on the subject can be found at http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/cIb_RZqz3961DCnBQCHEDgHMCUTy4igr5VkYQYCZdiyA7j5JAXBJropSy4wj3qTkjqteCQi6lbZhAWhSwkZzCVmRHbAlaWs6/Software%20considerations%20-%20brief.doc. Hopefully, it gives an idea of what we’re up to.

However, the programs will not be available tomorrow, Colwyn Bay Model Yacht Club would therefore like to challenge all commers to a league competition for the Humpty Dumpty Trophy. WE are totally flexible on the terms (well, almost). Our lake is close to the sea in fairly clear airs. During summer, the windspeed in the Irish Sea is 12 knots or less - but we are sheltered by a wind break. It is early days yet to say what size of fleet we can put out, but I would hope for a regular turnout of at least half a dozen boats. Our boats are predominantly Kitiwakes with a variety of Richardson prototypes heading rapidly toward the water. There is nobody with much experience of saling model yachts, although we do have a lot of big boat experience.