LE DEFI Areva 2002

In the AC 120 serie,
here is the introduction of the “Le Defi” that was racing in the America Cup in 2002/2003.
This model is the follows on of the previous successfull model design of AREVA FRA-93 of 2007.
Soon others details will be added.


This is interesting. You went from high beam/low rocker (NZL-20) to low beam/high rocker(FRA-79). Same LWL, “centered” the same way (115mm stern/100mm bow). Can you tell us your idea and hope behind these two approaches? A bench test perhaps between these two extremes?

Hi Sylvain,
various reasons, just a fews :
Beacause of the colour that is the first thing that one is observing and because Yellow is my colour.
Because I found this document : http://www.cupineurope.com/Prov/ledefiFR.pdf
Because is slender compared with the AREVA FRA93, I drawn 2 years ago that is the actual winner of the IACC120 Italian Cup 2011.
Beacause a lenticular Bulb, may be positioned vertically as an option, like many fish bodies…
Beacause the rudder is displaced backward…

When you compare NZL-20 and FRA-69 you can see the diference via the image below


Yes it is an interesting variation :slight_smile: I’ve been home last couple of days with heavy cold & out of boredom cut the frames and mounted them on same building board I’m using for NZL 20.

As Claudio’s comparision shows the difference is significant and I would like to test it out on the water, will be building it in the shadows of NZL-20.

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Already Alan ? You are unbeatable !!!
Now I understand why you din’t adds news to NZL-20 !!!

BTW : FRA-69 and FRA-79 are just two similar boats used in the 2003 Cup.
I called the manufacturer to get the Yellow Color reference , is : Yellow Fluo, but he added also that did not resisted very well to UV.


You really got my point Alan. And I am glad you will fulfil my intellectual curiosity by sailing them side by side. Gee you are fast!

I like the hammer idea:)

Some more informations about this project : Le Defi of 2002/2003

The Frames are directly printables in scale 1:1 The considered planking thickness is : 3mm


I sailed on 69 & 79 ( the same boat just with the rig moved back on 79). let me know if you’d like some photos.

Hi John,
Lucky you !!!
of course I would like some photos to help me in the details.
My E-mail : diolaiti@orange.fr
All the best and thank you

Cool no problem, I’ll e-mail you. Both of those boats became part of “The China Team”, I worked for them as the sail designer for the 32nd cup. I have have good shots of both as well as 95.

Hi John, now we know why the sails on your latest V6 project look so damn good, looking forward to seeing some vids on your two boat testing.

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Hah, thanks. I guess it’s a little bit of an advantage! We will be testing the 2 boats this weekend, video to follow.

Looking forward to seeing a model of Areva!

Managed to get to fisrt sanding cut on the Avera hull …wow she has nice lines Claudio very elegant with narrower beam than NZL-20 (on left side) will be giving coat of filler over the weekend and then final sanding to be at same stage as NZL-20 …but laminating looks dicey with 100% R.H persisting in these parts.

Cheers Alan

I told you are very fast !!!
Nice to see the LE DEFI- Areva (not Avera) already shaped ! Narrower but deeper of course, nothing for nothing …
With that humidity is better to rest and read a nice book , nautical book of course !!
I got the red cadmium light powder. Tomorrow I will start some samples experiments in view to create myself the red gelcoat.
Bravo !