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Hi, all-
Surfing the net this morning on R/C sailboats I eventually ended up discovering this forum- and I must say, looks like a great one!
I’m a retired Navy Chief ET, and have been involved in models much of my life/on and off. Have done the power boat thing with a few fast boats, but have taken an interest in sail due to their beautiful lines and graceful sailing on the water. I have a Star under construction- have the hull planked- trunk built, need to install the rudder next- but have kind of developed a mental block to continuing. I wanted to get on the water with something, so just purchased an R/C Laser- about the quickest good way to get sailing.
Hope to learn a lot on this forum!
NE Florida

welcome wes

you’ll find that the Soling One Meter has a huge following in florida, along with the EC12.

Hi, Marc-
Yes- there’s an active EC12 group here in town… I’ve been out to the pond with them- nice bunch of guys.