Last Sunday at a lake...

It’s been a very busy month, and I have missed a lot on here… Sorry to all for dissapearing.

Last Sunday I met up with some RC Heli & plane enthusiasts as one guy wanted to try out filming some RC boats with his Hexacopter. This thing is great and has an onboard HD camera, and is flown in FPV.
Check out the other video of the boats aground just south of Valencia, on his you tube channel… He is a little nuts and was flying this thing quite a way out to sea!


Good to see you back Jim, the Hexacopter camera is great idea and the camera work on your boat looks great !!

Very enjoyable video. Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Great video !! About the 26 second mark what is jumping out of the water behind the sailboats ?


Welcome back!!

You may have had a tough time of things at work but at least when you found time for the important stuff in life it looks like near perfect conditions. I’m going to have to take a wee bit of a closer look at those ‘Hexacopter’ things - it gives the impression of providing an incredibly stable filming platform - have you got/can you get any further details?

Well, here’s to a bit more time spent on the waters edge with sticks in hand!


Thanks for all your comments, that was some kind of fish, no idea what though… There were many people fishing, and we had to wait a while for them to move onto another area so we could enjoy the water.
The lake took a hammering because of all the forest fires we have had this year, and it was almost empty. Where we were stood is normally 10 or 15 metres underwater!

Unfortunately Row, I do not know much about the copter, but it was an incredible piece of technology built by the pilot, Jean Claude. I can get more info though…

Cheers, Jim

Row, Here are the shots I took of the hexacopter…

There are tentative plans for another gathering…