last evenings race (full size)

For those of you that don’t know me very well, (which is most of you) I thought I would share a picture of my Wednesday evening hobby.

This is my crew (Jeff, (foredeck, below deck in this picture), Scott,(halyards and left trimmer) Alan, (Halyards and right trimmer) Betty, (tactics and caller) and myself (on the helm.) We are just talking strategy before the race.
Boat is a C&C 27 Mk.IV OB Our PHRF rating for this series is 120. Normal PHRF for this boat is 186. I guess we are just that good!

Photo by Frank King.

Peter R.


Nice Quatum main there. The jib/genua seems to be made of some kevlar/mylar.

Great idea - how about a view (or views) of some of your rides… ?

This was back a few (a lot ??) of years ago when I still had hair ! Still have the boat but lost most of the hair!! [:D] It’s an 18 Square NACRA … 5.5 mtr./18 feet x 4 mtr./12 feet wide with 18 sq. mtr./194 sq. ft. sail area.

and a test sail/race on the one I have been considering…

This one an INTER17R -

<center><font color=“blue”><font size=“3”>SHOW US YOURS !!!</font id=“size3”></font id=“blue”></center>

Unfortunately I don’t have good digital images of my current boats - so here are pics of identical sisterships.

Our Laser 2 has been around a bit, from the UK, to Singapore, to New Zealand (well, there was room in the container and it was easier than selling the boat).

This second image is an identical sistership to our small keelboat. She’s a bit of a classic here in New Zealand - called a Reactor and designed in 1967. The class still races actively, but mine is in need of major restoration and is currently mothballed. SHe’s a touch under 26 feet.


My boat, currently for sale, got a spare ?3700 anyone?!;

My ride for cowes week and from october onwards, recovering from a broach last friday in a Force 6-7;

Recently I’ve also been sailing a tornado, but I have no pics!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

I am currently not racing regularly on any full size boat. The last boat I raced on was a 40 foot offshore keelboat out of Grosse Point YC here on Lake St. Claire. But I retired from that team about 7 years ago when I decided to get married and start a family.

However, I still identify most closely with the scows I raced growing up. I raced for many years with my father on an M20 scow during high school and college. Usually I crewed for my dad and we were quite successful winning the club championship virtually every year and 3 national or ILYA championships during the 7 years I sailed with him.

Here is a picture of one of the rare chances I got to drive. This is actually a freind’s boat. He was out of town that weekend and asked if I would skipper his boat for him so that he would not be scored with a DNS for the championship race that weekend. I ended up winning the race. By the way that is my father in the background sailing with my sister. Hehehe. Guess who had bragging rights after that race???

Download Attachment: M20_616_s.jpg

The only full size ride that I still own is this one:

Download Attachment: Will_aruba1_s.jpg

I used to have a lot of fun with it but lately it has been collecting dust while hanging on the rack at my cabin. But someday, the wind will blow when I am up there on vacation and I will take her out for another spin! But I don’t like to race it. It is purely for enjoyment:

Download Attachment: Anarchy_jump_s.jpg

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Hey Will,

I was on Lake St.Claire from 1998-2000, I was based out of DTW Metro Wayne airport flying a L-1011 for ATA. My friend Cathering Reichling lived right there on the water behind the KFC on what was it… 23 mile road is that correct?

I was sailing my EC-12 off of her dock there on that lake, and was always surprised that I never saw any other models sailing around, it was a great lake… although I played hockey on it a lot more than I sailed on it!

I forget which group she was in with through her Dad, it might have been yours… we called him the Commodore, Charles Reichling. They had a twin screw cruiser, and I thought she said he was the Head Navigator for the Sqdrn.
Oh well… small world… I had a lot of fun up there.

Hey Larry,

There are actually a bunch of Detroit area sailors on this board and most of us have (at one point or another) sailed full size boats as well out on lake St. Claire.

There are 2 major RC clubs in the area - The Detriot MYC and the Ann Arbor MYC. Neither uses Lake St. Claire for their sailing venue. Detroit MYC has two sailing venues. One on Belle Isle dear downtown detriot and the other in Sterling Heights (which would be a lot closer to your friend’s house). I think the DMYC does sail one long distance race along the Lake St. Claire shoreline but I believe it is sailed down near 5 mile road (near where Cresent Sail Club and GPYC are located). I’m not sure if Ryan is still around but he belongs to that club and might have more details on that race…

Do you ever make it to Detroit any more? If so, let me know and we’ll have to meet for beers…

  • Will

Will Gorgen