Laser cut shadows and other wood parts

I found a place that will laser cut pieces out for you to make shadows and any other forms (rudder templete, sterns, etc) They are quick and have varity of different types of wood to choose from . Labor time cost $0.83 per minute and setup fee is $5.00 (wavied if drafting time is need) and drafting time (if needed) is $0.83 per minute. The only additional cost is reasonably priced wood that you select (usually by the sheet) He ships USPS Piority on the next business day (i am sure he can arrange other shipping methods)

To me this service is nice, cost me roughly 25-30 dollars to make the items (stern, shadows, rudder) i need to start stripping my US1M that i am going to start to get me in the feel of scrap building before i move onto multihuals

I hope this helps someone, and i posted this in the right spot.


Richard Gunderson is good for small projects.

For bigger parts, nobody can touch our equipment or service. (Our laser can cut up to 4’ X 8’)
Actually, even for the smaller parts we usually are less expensive.

Our laser is industrial (not a tabletop hobby system) so we can cut parts faster and for less money than most other companies can.
We can also cut material that they are not able to cut because our system is lot more powerful.

Please consider letting us give you a quote for your next project.

Peter Richards
Cutting Edge Models & Lazer

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