Large Concept

Well as my TP52 comes along it only makes me want a bigger boat, only this time designed by myself so when all is said and done I have free reign over what I can do with it. Well I have been fooling around with AutoCAD recently, drawing up some hulls in 2D, so just the profile and plan views, but it is def. a good starting point. Here is what I have as my “dream” rc boat. Long and narrow, max beam is fairly far aft, deep knuckle and relatively mild rocker. The boat drawn here is 72" long, 13.75" wide, rocker is 2". This is my basic starting point for DELFTSHIP, from here I will play around with hull shapes and different parameters until I get a displacement and other characteristics that I am looking for. Please comment or ask any questions, I will try to answer them as best as possible.

wow! that looks great!:slight_smile: like a VOR boat almost… i love it! keep us posted… :graduate:

In profile yes, but in plan it is much narrower, more like a Transpac sled type thing. Should point like an arrow, haven’t decided on the underwater configuration yet (conventional or CBTF). I am leaning toward conventional now, and focus on a slightly more technical sail plan. Updates will def. be coming, but few and far between, but that’s what BIG projects are about. If anyone cares to join me and add their input or preferences feel free to let me know and maybe we come up with a killer boat.

Looks like it could be a 10 rater to me.
Ten raters are the formula one of radio yachts in my humble opinion.:graduate:

And a 2 Meter multihull would be … ??? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Answer: Bigger and faster perhaps? :sly:

Ian - just “had” to do it!

Dick, I know you are a sucker for the bait and I can get you to bite most times.:zbeer:

A two metre multihull would be the equivalent to perhaps a “top fuel dragster” ridiculously fast in a straight line but not designed to go round corners.:lol:


Dick, you have a one-track mind! [oh wait, is that a case of the pot calling the kettle black!!???;)]

yes, so a multi will go really fast in a straight line, but just ry and tell me that there isn’t something special about the long, clear, smooth lines of a big mono…:D;)


Dick, you have a one-track mind! [oh wait, is that a case of the pot calling the kettle black!!???;)]

yes, so a multi will go really fast in a straight line, but just ry and tell me that there isn’t something special about the long, clear, smooth lines of a big mono…:D;)

OK you guys … :confused:

First let me remind you that …

  1. Multihulls ARE known to race around buoys every now and then. Often windward/leeward courses and by golly, there is even a multihull in the Olympics ! They do tack, they do gybe - just like those boats with the training wheel - so yes - straight line speed is evident, but there are tactics too. Also, last time I looked, most multihulls had one, two or three rudders. This seems to indicate they also turn corners!

  2. For a real horror story/scare, rumor has it that a certain challenger for the “bottomless tea-pot” has proposed the next AC Cup be sailed in 90 foot multihulls - you know - something with speed ! I realize that it’s a long way off and probably won’t see the race course, yet it is nice to know/see that there really are big time money that are (at least) thinking of a multihull event.

  3. I also seem to recall the disdain that the sailboard crowds met - as they were only good for “reaching” and could sial to weather either ! or at least that is what we were led to believe.

All taken (and given) in good spirit guys. You can keep your lead and “think” you are going fast, while those of us with mutlihulls will “know” we have gone fast. I guess the only way to prove it is to all start at the same time. First one back gets their choice of parking spots - and the beer! Now that would be encouragement for a decent race. :wink:

I like it!

It really looks close to my IOM disco in shape. What’s the purpose of the bow pole? Asym kite? Seems like that would get caught up in racing situations.


The sprit/prod/pole (whatever you prefer) is def. a visual thing for now and may be the tack for an asym kite. Seeing that the boat will be designed more for acceptance into the new 1/10 class, (under the exception of boats that do not have available plans) I don’t see racing being an issue for a while. Although the sprit/prod/pole will be removeable.

Does you disco have such a wide stern. Visually thats what I love in a boat, max beam well aft of midship and carry the beam through the stern. Plumb bow are sweet too. I am also not normally a fan of any type of overhangs, but I was eyeing the Carbonic Boats Rubicon 10R and that is absolutely the sexiest R/C boat with overhangs I have ever seen. Thanks for all the opinions.

Attached are some pics of the Disco which shows it’s stern shape pretty well.

Agree with you concerning the carbonic 10R, in fact I got this Disco from a friend who also has one of the few carbonic 10R in the states.


Very Nice looking boat. Someday I will break down and buy a well designed speedster, until then I will build my own.

mahoo, she is lovely!!! i really like the open transom and the peaked fordeck… its sorta like a 505 turned TP52/VOR boat!:rolleyes:

dick your on! my sydney 18 vs your hobie tiger. shall we? lol. i wish i had a sydney 18!:wink:

And I am glad that I DON’T have a Hobie Tiger. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

My boat choices and in their order of selection (beach cat wise)

  1. A Class - either Morelli/Melvin A2 (or Marrstrom as alternative)
  2. Formula 17 - Nacra/Inter
  3. Formula 18 - NACRA Infusion
  4. Doesn’t matter - note I prefer the first two as they are singlehanded.

The boat in the avitar photo is a NACRA 18 Square Meter - 18 feet long, 12 feet wide, 194 Sq. Feet of sail, singlehanded and development class. We did do a couple of demo/challenge events - 18 Square vs. Aussie Skiff in Seattle years back. Set up a bow-tie course where there were a lot of position changes. Squares leading upwind, Skiffs leading downwind. Depending on leg length, we could control who won.

Mine was sold July 2006 and resides in New York near Syracuse. Problem wit strokes is they often leave parts of the body not working - or not working 100% (my case) so perhaps a monohull in my future.